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How to customize Official AppStore Apps.

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by TheSpaz, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Here's how you can add custom graphics and icons to your AppStore App Downloads:

    Download an App from the AppStore
    Click "Applications"
    Click the App you want to customize
    Hit cmd-R to show it in the Finder
    Name the file from AppName.ipa to AppName.zip
    Double click the new .zip file
    Open the AppName folder
    Open "Payload" folder
    Right click on "AppName" and show package contents
    You should now have access to all the files in the App

    Have fun!
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    Sticky! Very nice post.
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    It has begun. :cool:

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    i *think* you can do this via "get info" dialog just like an album. i haven't tried it but i can get the artwork window.
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    Hah! I was JUST thinking this and I was going to come back and say "I think you can just change the artwork in iTunes and it will reflect on the iPhone when you sync, but I can't test it because 2.0 isn't out yet"

    I hope this is the case... there are so UGLY icons on the AppStore... I'd love to be able to customize them at will.
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    doesn't this mean that the iTunes App Store can be bypassed in this manner? Create an app, add metadata, zip it up, rename to .ipa, double-click = installed?
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    That's what I was thinking. If so... This'll be fixed very quickly with some kind of verification. It would allow unapproved apps without developer fees and allow copying of apps.
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    Anyone with the 2.0 firmware installed wanna try this trick?
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    The apps are probably signed with some sort of digital signature. Will an app so modified still upload to an iphone and pass the digital signature check?
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    Probably not. I have a touch, so I can't check.
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    A strings dump of the app executable and the contents one of the other directories will answer the question about digital certificates. But the actual application object code does not appear to be encrypted. You can read all the UI object and method names used in the app. You (corrected) can't open any bitmap images used by the app. They are in a compressed PNG format.
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    Has anyone actually tried to change the graphics (icon, etc.) with this? It might not work for two reasons:

    -The apps are signed and that probably includes some kind of file integrity check.

    -I know that at least for PNG files (i.e. the icon), the images are actually stored in a special iPhone/iPod-optimized format that can't even be opened with the normal Preview app.
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    But the iPhone can read regular PNG files so that is irrelevant. I want someone to try this out that has 2.0 installed already. Anyone wanna try it? What if it works!
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    Wait a minute - you haven't even tried this yourself?! It sure didn't sound like that in your first post ... :mad:

    It would be fantastic if you would stop posting unconfirmed BS (like the OMGLOLZZ YOU CAN BRICK YOUR IPOD OMGGG! thread) ... Seriously, I can't think of a better username for you than the one you chose for yourself ... :rolleyes:
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    He said you can edit the files. Aparently you can. Whether or not the phone will run them is the next question.
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    I said I don't have an iPhone so I cannot tell if these will run after being edited, but all I did was give instructions on how to edit the files. Geeze. I didn't say you could brick your iPod.
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    Uhm, please no one flame me, but how do you do this on Windows? I really want a mac, but my dad hates mac and i cant get one until 2 1/2 years. :(
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    Replace Cmd+R with Ctrl+R in Spaz's instructions. Or right-click and choose "Show in Windows Explorer".
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    Good info thanks! Bookmarking this thread... :)
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    i dont get how to change from ipa to zip. :confused: this is from windows.
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    Open up explorer and then: Tools > Folder Options > View > uncheck hide extensions for known file types.

    Then just change it from zip to ipa
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    Don't even bother trying this, as soon as you edit a file in the bundle it breaks the signature and won't install on a device. I tried it myself and verified this is the case.

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