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How to do this in InDesign.

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dogbone, Mar 28, 2006.

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    This is really simple but I can't work it out. I want to overlay black type on an image but I want to have the type overlaying a tint of the image inside the type bounding box.

    In photoshop I'd just marquee the area and fade it with curves. But I can't get my brain around this in InDesign.
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    Do you mean like a clipping mask?:eek:
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    No I mean


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    Just make yourself a white square, put it where you need, and go to the transparency menu and adjust it from there. I think that should work...
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    Thanks, I tried that but when using the type box the transparency affects the type as well as the background.

    I've tried selecting with the solid or open arrow it makes no difference. I could have a separate box underneath the type but this seems a bit clumsy for such a ubiquitous technique.

    Surely this can be done with a single type box?
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    Two boxes

    Sorry, two boxes is the way to go. One transparent below, and one text box above. I use that technique all the time. To make it look even nicer, feather the edges of the white box and apply the transparency, that way you don't have that hard edge.
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    I know it can feel a bit clunky, but as soon as you're done, just group the two together and its one less thing to deal with ;)
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    OK thanks.

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