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How to install on a USB Drive

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Mik3F, Mar 2, 2011.

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    *Newbie Alert*

    I have not long had my Mac, now whilst I have learnt alot there are things I need to know

    I would like to install Lion onto an External USB Drive or USB Pen to see what it is like and also so that I know how to install OSX onto removable devices.

    Is this really as straight forward as installing to the Drive (once correctly formatted) and then booting by holding the option key at startup?

    Would this mean that without the external connected or by not pressing Option that the mac would boot up to SL

    Thanks in advance
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    I believe Lion needs at least 10GB of space or it won't install, though 20GB is probably ideal. You'd want a flash drive that's at least that size.
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    That is not a problem, I can use a 1TB External USB drive.

    Am I right in what I said though with regards to the installing and booting up?
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    It will actually boot from the USB first. So if you wanted to get to your SL install, you'd have to press option on boot.
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    thats with the USB connected I assume,

    without it connected I assume it will just boot up as normal?
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    Thanks :D

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