How to insure 15" PB (in UK)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mouchoir, Jan 26, 2005.

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    Do any of you in the UK that own a laptop have it insured, and how did you go about it?

    I'm a little worried about it getting stolen or broken!
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    You should check with your household insurer.£3000 cover worldwide for a laptop and periphials works out about £150 a year.If you name it on household cover you may get a better deal.
    P.S. if its a newish Pb you may find an insurance policy is a better deal than Applecare some of them cover allsorts including breakdown.Just Google it there are lots out there.
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    We appear to be from the same neck of the woods!

    A colleague tried to get hers covered on household insurance and they wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. I may have to look into you're suggestion.

    Thanks for the tip,
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    My household insurers covered mine (East Dulwich) as a 'named item' on the policy, covering breakdown, accidental damage and 'out of the house' for £30 a year extra on the insurance.

    It's always worth speaking to them - your record of claims probably helps here. Mine's insured through the Woolwich - I claimed earlier this year when my handbag was stolen and I had 'new for old' iPod, mobile, watch plus cash within a week.
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    get the laptop coverage covers it even when out side the home
  6. arf
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    laptop insurance

    Check out these people.

    Worldwide coverage and not too expensive.
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    Thank you all for your helpful responses – I am going to check out the links and get on the phone!

    Will hopefully be able to sort it out soon,

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    dont forget to tell us who ou went with ect ect :)

    us brit got to help each other out you know ;)
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    That's pretty cheap...

    ...considering you're in Peckham.
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    It's worse than that - I'm closer to the Forest Hill end than the Peckham side!
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    i had to add my old powerbook to my household insurance for an extra £15 per month , but that coverd me anywhere in the world and upto £5000 of software as well.
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    Apparantly I live in Clapham North but it feels pretty much like Brixton to anyone that visits.

    Before that I lived in Primrose Hill (or was it Swiss Cottage...)

    I will post when problem is sorted

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