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How to know the file Type in Iphone Directory

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by RashiMahajan, Nov 16, 2009.

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    In my programm
    I am viewing all the files present at a location, Now i want to know the type of the file,that wether its a .png file,.jpg file,.doc or it is a folder? so that i will display a appropriate thumbnail next to it.
    Is there any way to know that whether its a file/folder or which type of file in objective C.
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    Look at the NSFileManager documentation, particularly the fileAttributesAtPath method.
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    No file extension info

    But its display "NSFileTypeDirectory" or either "NSFileTypeRegular" as file type . It display NSFileTypeRegular for all jpg/png/doc/pdf file No way to knw the extension of the files ?
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    You can read the files at the documents folder store it in some array
    and then using string separator you can separate the file name and the extension.
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    Thanks sneha, i was also thinking the same way bt is there any API available whcih can abstract this info also
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    They have not provided any API in the NSFileManager documentation at least. :rolleyes:

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