How to make a Video Podcast?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Pistol Pete, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Pistol Pete

    I am in the process of creating a video podcast.

    so my question is how do i go through the process of hosting the video and setting it all up so people can suscribe via itunes?

    I will have no trouble making the video, my only prob will be with setting up the actual podcast.

    what is the easiest way? less money the better.

    Thanks For helping.
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    Pistol Pete

    what about this?

    "Publish to an FTP or SFTP server."
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    Pistol Pete

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    well if you use .Mac you can publish direct there and then link it with the xml file to iTunes or you can upload it to your FTP webspace depending on what flavour hosting you got.

    more details of your hosting would be good:)
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    both cost the same $30 but that one you looked at had this review

    Hint/Tip by conan

    : This is what I wrote via email to the company:

    ...I purchased your product... I wish I did'nt.

    There are so many bugs! And why the language of the podcasts in the preview is always "English" ?? If you want to see a real good App see "Podcast Maker". Graphic is good, if the rest is working well! I would be glad if you give me back my money, if not, I put it into waste, thanx :-( (11/2/2005, Version: 1.2.5):eek:
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    Pistol Pete


    as i stand now i do not have a host or anything. I am starting out fresh.

    I have read on it before and I read something about how some hosts can only support 1 podcast at a time. If i used .mac could i host several podcasts at once?
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    Pistol Pete


    Thanks for that i though i read them all...i liked the one you showed me anyways...
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    best thing to do is try em all and see which one is best for you , what sort of podcast you gonna be doing anyway?
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    Pistol Pete


    its going to be a video podcast...probably 30min to an hour long.
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    Pistol Pete

    what are some good host sites?

    can i use .mac as a host?
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    i think you can -do u already have .Mac ? cos if not there are better or should i say cheaper alternative out there
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    Pistol Pete

    no i do not have one but i do like the whole homepage etc.

    if anyone knows any hosts that would be great!
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    edesign is always banging on about his webhost - ment to be veru good , i think if you do a search on the forums you'll find it

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    #15 is what I use, and it's very cheap.. go for the November Special.. you get a ton of stuff for like $17 a month.
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    A Small Orange (

    I heard of them from him- they're excellent. I couldn't be happier with them.
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    Pistol Pete


    can you post more than 1 podcast on that site? how much space for $17?

    or on the small orange site?

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    Pistol Pete

    can i host more than 1 podcast from those hosts?

    can i host more than 1 from a .mac account?

    Thanks that seems to be my only concern.

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