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how to make air remember u name and pwords

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sostoobad, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Hi, just spent an hour with Apple, then got disconnected. Is there an easy way to make the MBA remember usernames and passwords for sites that are commonly used. This maybe an area where windows is better. After awhile, my old pc just remembers them,gots to be an easier way than an hour on the phone, thanks.
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    Do you have the following checked?
    Safari > Preferences > Autofill > User names and passwords

    Also, see "Storing passwords in Keychain" on this page: Mac 101: Mac essentials
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    Um....both of my web browsers (Safari & Chrome) all remember my most commonly used logins & passwords. You browsing in some kinda safe mode or clearing all your data?
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    You are talking about the browser, this is independent of the OS.

    Assuming you are using Safari...

    Safari > Preferences > Autofill > Checkmark Username and Passwords.

    Firefox and Chrome have the same options. You can google how to set them up.
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    Hi, I appreciate the replies, will try them. I am no computer wiz etc, but I seem to be able to point out GLARING faults in design, before I found Mac. I always said to people...."computers are arcaic, churning butter is more advanced"

    We sent men to the moon in good old 1969, Here in 2011, it can take 6 yrs from next tuesday, to do a simple task on a computer..

    I like Mac and their direction, but it should be this.

    Remember username and password...."click" done.

    I wish I could design software....damn
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    It doesn't get much simpler than this:
    ScreenCap 1.PNG
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    and you get there how
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    See post #2 in this thread.
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    Talk about hand holding!

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    Ok, going to safari, preferences, auto fill worked, thanks, but my question is, why didn't the apple rep, so knowing of the MBA didn't direct me to this simple task? he had me going in like a gaggle of different directions, all the while I am saying to myself, there has got to be an easier way. Seems like you guys know more than the Apple people. I am new to the world of Mac all of 3 weeks, so still learning.

    When I was using my PCs, I would say to myself, this is stupid, that makes no sense, why does it do that etc. I guess my frustration is with computer programming design, they assume, because they know what the next step is, we should too. It reminds me of Andy Rooneys' piece on 60 minutes (may he RIP) about Bill Gates and Microsoft.

    He said "when I want to turn on my computer I press start, ok, when I want to turn off my computer....I press start? again...where the hell is STOP "

    His point, was spot on, start to turn on, start to turn off ? WTF is that.
    Anyway, just ranting, thanks for the help.
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    Remember that "Genius" is only their job title, and not an indication of their intelligence, knowledge or experience. As with any job, there are those who are new on the job, those who excel at it, those who don't, and those who don't care.
    That is often the case. That's why this forum is such a valuable source of information. You'll find if you search the forum, you'll find that almost any question you have has already been asked and answered dozens or hundreds of times. To search the forum effectively, just do a Google search and add this to your search terms:
    Also be sure to check the dates on posts, as some threads may be several years old and contain outdated information. Good luck!

    Helpful Information for Any Mac User
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    Thanks for the tips, yes, glad I found this forum
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    On my MBP I configured my keychain to ask for my password even if I had usernames and passwords checked in preferences. That was an extra added layer of security for me in case my MBP was stolen. My MBA did the same thing - until I did an update and now the keychain no longer asks for my password. It just autofills my usernames and passwords and let's me log into a secured page! :mad:
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    I'd recommend something like LastPass honestly. It gives me granular control of what usernames and passwords are remembered and if I require the master pass before autofilling. It's free if you just want it on your Mac's and Windows PCs. LastPass isn't seamless but it does a pretty darn good job.

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