How to make lion scroll bars blue like SL?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by deadlystriker, Aug 2, 2011.

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    I find myself wanting to see the scrollbars so I can tell where I am on a page, thus chose the option of showing bars permanently. However I hate the new look. Any way to make them SL style?
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    Downgrade back to SL.
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    Can't. Stuck with lion on the new 2011 airs.
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    Oh, I thought you could. Can't you just wipe and clean install SL from any DVD?
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    Have tried and all i got was a black screen. Was forced to restore with lion. It supposedly doesn't have drivers to support SL. Guess this is apple's way to force people to use lion, which is why they were released on the same day.
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    I don't think you can unless a member using snow leopard would find the package for scroll bars in his installation and put it here, and you would have to replace the current UI scrollbar package with the previous one, sorry I have Lion so can't help you
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    MacThemes would be a good place to ask, though it's possible that in lion the scroll bars aren't actually bitmap images since they're all one colour.
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    I can't emphasize this enough. The 10.7 will have the right drivers for MBA 11, but 10.6.8 won't. Also, not to be rude, I have no idea why you would want the blue scrolling bar back. However, if I remember correctly, there is a way to make the new translucent black bar to not disappear permanently.
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    I have already set it to be shown permanently. I like to see where I am on a page (how far up or down) and the blue bars are much easier to see compared to this new greyish look. Don't know why they would want to remove colors from the OS. Finder sidebar icons anyone??
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    How dare someone have a different opinion to you. They should be ashamed.
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    Install Windows 7. Just kidding :) I know you can make the scroll bars show permanently but don't know about the color change..
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    blue scroll bars would be nice if it was an option

    to much grey in lion
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    You can't make them blue again, since aqua is gone, but you can go into general settings and set them to always on.

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    Not about the aesthetics

    There is a lot of discussion going on about this (I don't just mean in this thread), where important points are being missed.

    What's important isn't just the colour blue. It's:

    1. the new scrollbars are narrower and don't work well on busy and/or high-resolution screens.

    2. the missing arrows at top and bottom are a major problem in certain apps, in particular in documents with many pages — and in Photoshop with many layers in an image. Getting precise control is much harder now, especially if using a mouse or pen tablet instead of a trackpad.

    3. horizontal scrollbars often screw up completely, appearing only at the bottom of documents, not the bottom of screens, making scrolling big layouts a real nightmare.
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    well can't complain about scroll bars because they're not there the majority of the time.

    i'm not using my OS to stair at blue shiny globs on the right side of my windows.

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