How to mount the B&W 685 on their FS-700 stands?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by 50548, Apr 25, 2013.

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    I can't find any screw holes and am not sure whether rubber pads will suffice. I bought the official B&W stands, which are widely reported to be the best ones for the 685s...but after assembling the stands, I see that there are NO screw holes in the 685s.

    So how do I mount them on the stands? Sorry if this question is stupid, but I just can't see how..! :(
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    You do not.

    Do NOT, repeat, do NOT drill holes in the bottoms of your 685's to attach them to the tops of the FS700 stands, okay?

    They don't install that way. Rubber pads will suffice. What you can do to isolate the speakers more from the floor vibrations, is to pour sand into the stands themselves. Caution: this will make the stands VERY heavy, so be prepared for that.

    Enjoy those B&Ws! I'm a great fan myself.
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    Tks a lot, Irishman; that's what I just did. I will see if sand is necessary, since the stands seem pretty sturdy themselves on my parquet floors.

    After three weeks of gruelling work and meetings, I can finally set them up and start to enjoy a lot of lossless music. At least the reviews were all great and the demo units at the store sounded simply fabulous..!


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    Some pics of the final setup would be nice! :D

    Plus, if you haven't already, angle the speakers to align the tweeters with your ears. It would only enhance the experience.
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    Actually I have done that already since I don't have much choice space-wise. My office is in a small-ish room, so the ideal setup of an equilateral triangle (speaker 1, speaker 2 and listener) obliges me to point the speakers toward me...and even then my seating position is a bit too forward compared to the speakers.

    But I must say I am already loving the 685s just after a few listens with 24-bit FLAC, Apple Lossless files and Audirvana Plus - plus, they look great with my iMac setup..! :D Check the picture below:

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    Nice setup, man! Do you do much gaming on that iMac? And, do you have a chair that affords you the luxury of sitting back to enjoy the music?

    BTW, you should edit your signature to remove the Soundsticks! You've evolved beyond them now. :)
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    Tks Irishman! :) I am just enjoying some good music (Threshold, a great UK progr metal band) right now with these great speakers..!

    My main music rig now is the iMac 2011, a Nuforce HDP DAC, a Denon DRA-F109 amp, the B&W 685s, the Audirvana Plus player and a lot of FLAC/ALAC songs..!

    My chair is not that new anymore, but still good enough for sitting back and relaxing in front of that setup. :)

    I also do some gaming, mainly CS:GO and L4D2 and Hearts of Iron III...this iMac is just awesome with pretty much everything I throw at it..!

    What kind of setup do you have, by the way?


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    Right now, I'm building it piece by piece. The centerpiece is the late 2012 21.5" 2.9Ghz iMac w/ 8GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. I opted for the magic mouse, and love it for most things, as the gesture control for browsing and navigating is so intuitive and brilliant - except for gaming - where using it in place of a proper scroll wheel to switch weapons is like sending a flea off while on crack! So, when I want to game I switch to an old MS optical Intellimouse. It's only temporary, as I'm thinking of picking up one of the Razor mice for gaming. Sweet. When I game, it's usually L4D2, TF2, Quake Live, but I'm finishing up Bioshock in preparation for Bioshock Infinite for Mac when it hits in July. I've played Rage, Portal, Portal 2 (got both for $6 on a Steam sale!), Star Wars: KOTOR, and Penumbra: Black Plague and Requiem.

    For sound, I'm using an old set of Bose Companion 2's (small, not much bass, but they are a vast improvement over the iMac's speakers). The speakers I have my eye on are the Audio Engine A5+ available here

    If you click on the 4th picture on the Best Buy page for the A5+s, it shows a Mac desktop with an iMac, and a set of headphones. Those headphones are the B&W P5s I'll be adding soon. The iMac's audio will be handled by an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC, which will be my first addition to the family. dragonfly&cp=1&lp=1

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