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How to never loose Pepsi-iTunes giveaway

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mainstreetmark, Feb 19, 2004.

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    Doctor Q

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    That trick has been discussed here before. It is not hard if your eyesight is sharp enough. Even if you can only tell how many lines there are, you can tell a 4-line winner from a 3-line loser.

    Will Pepsi get in legal trouble for discriminating against the blind and those with poor eyesight? ;)
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    Yet another one of these threads? Must we discuss that matter some more. I recommend doing a search on this before posting.
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    LOL>... everyone is soo excited about how NOT to lose... I'm having a bigger problem... I haven't found a store that has the iTunes bottles yet! only these 'lakers' pepsi bottles.
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    Yeah, it's not like this is cheating or anything... :rolleyes:

    Doesn't the Pepsi cost you more than $.99?
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    completely agree..yesterday I bought 2 pepsi for 1.27$ each..just for the songs..
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    Hhehe. Working at blockbuter I became a master at the under the cover game. Esp when sprite did a give away game. Turn the bottle upside down, place it on the counter, shine a flashlight through the bottle and win my free sprite. Yes its cheating, and it was wrong but summers at Blockbuster were boring.

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