how to play flac with itunes?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by stark4, Jun 7, 2009.

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    can someone tell me how to play flac on itunes? i don't want to convert to apple format or anything like that. i just want to load up the flac files on itunes library and play it from there. is there a way to do it?

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    I use Fluke, but I'm not sure if it does convert the files, the quality does not degrade anyway.

    I don't remember where I got it from, but google should have the answer.
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    I use Fluke too. It's great, but iTunes should have FLAC support built-in - there's no reason why Apple didn't put it in, which is incredibly dumb. Also, there is a short lag/delay between double clicking on a song to have it play and then actually playing the song (when using FLACs imported with Fluke).
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    Is there also something for Windows :(
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    so Fluke is the way to go if i dont want to convert?
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    i use xact. you convert from flac to aiff or wav. then in itunes you can "create MP3" from there. doesnt take very long.

    also, i thought flac was a native windows file, just like wmv? am i wrong?
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    I want to play it with iTunes though
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    Why would you do that? :confused:
    Why not convert straight from flac to Apple lossless etcetera using XLD? Why Flac >>> Wav>>> iTunes (Apple Lossless/MP3 etc)?

    I agree though, XLD is an excellent piece of software.
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    or you can use Max...pretty much the same thing as XLD but with a much better interface in my opinion.
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    but my question was i don't want to convert the flac file to any other format.

    so i guess Fluke is the only way to go ..

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    pass-through it to aif and your laughing.
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    Has anyone had trouble with the newest version of iTunes (8.2) and Fluke? I too am looking for something to just play the files, not convert anymore which I've been doing for a few years.

    Whenever I import them, the title shows up, tags, everything.. but its just dead silence when it plays. Anyone else having that problem?
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    Actually there is; FLAC = Free Lossless Audio Codec. Free Lossless Audio Codec. If it's free, it's not the Apple way.
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    +1 for Max. It's an amazing app.
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    To find an app search on or

    Does Apple charge for iTunes? Does Apple charge for MP4 (AAC) support?

    Your baseless claim is wrong on so many ways. Why don't you actually read up on the different formats first?

    Here is an article on the video formats.
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    No, but why does that even matter? Apple doesn't charge for iTunes, they just charge you for the devices that sync with it and the music from their store. Figure it out.

    Digest the argument first pal.
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    Yes. Def. the much smaller simpler app then Max, all the Max has way more customizations.

    I have had a lot of problems with Fluke, none like that though.
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    If you're aware of a company that gives away free devices and music from its store, by all means, please share!
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    Another vote for Max.
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    But I don't need to buy music from their store and I don't need to buy one of their devices to listen to music from iTunes. There are numerous ways to use iTunes for free. Therefore, your statement of "If it's free, it's not the Apple way" is incorrect.
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    Well you can go with "not invented here for proprietary lock-in" then...

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