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How to publish a Calendar?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by AeroUK, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Hey does anyone know how to publish a calendar in Lion. You can share on MobileMe but no longer publish a private server. It was in the help file there is something called 'Publish' but I cannot see it anywhere.

    Please help!

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    Press calendar button, right click appropriate calendar in the drop down, pick publish, on the "publish on" drop down, select "a private server", fill in details, press publish. Done.
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    Throttle, thank you for your reply but when I right click a calendar all I get is 'share calendar' for MobileMe sharing, there seems to be no 'publish calendar' on Lion anymore!

    Please help...

  4. throttlemeister, Aug 1, 2011
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    This is what I see in Lion when I follow the steps I mentioned above.


    I did notice it has to be a local calendar - on your mac. Remote calendars only have a share option.
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    This is crazy, why do I not see that? Maybe I should reinstall afresh...
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    I face the same problem as you do. I think Publishing Calendars has been removed from iCal in Lion.

    I think Throttle is using MacOS 10.6.
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    No, that is Lion. Look at the buttons.

    I have the "Publish..." option when right-clicking on a calendar.
    In fact, I don't have the option to "Share Calendar" like you say you have.
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    Mee Too - Can't Publish iCal with Lion 10.7.2

    Tech support at Apple today spent an hour with me and couldn't resolve after being escalated 2 levels. Got put on hold(ignore) until inactivity timeout dumped the hardline phone call.

    I know I am a bit late on this thread, has anyone solved it? I think throttlemeister wasn't up on the 10.7.2 yet either. I use this on several websites that I run and am hurting for a solution.:confused:
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    on 10.7.2 here, and both options show up.
    try disabling iCloud? just a thought (i'm not using it yet...).
    PROCEED WITH CAUTION tho...i lost some ical entries when i did this...
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    You have to create a calendar "ON MY MAC" then the publish piece is just like the old way. You can't publish a iCal Calendar that exists on the iCloud. So export the calendar you want to publish, create new calendar on your mac and your option to publish is back in play.

    Throttle had it right.

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