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How to remove Cydia account info from iPhone I am selling?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by r1ngx, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I did a fresh restore and JB of an iPhone I want to sell but when I goto Cydia on the iPhone it still shows packages I have purchased? Is this because of the UUID of the device in Cydia's database? How can I purge it so the buyer will not be able to download apps from cydia that I have paid for? I did the restore and setup as a "new" iphone.. not restoring past backups.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Which iPhone? You should be able to use Erase All Content and Settings and use Pwnage Tool to package up a custom 4.1 package to restore to your device. Once restored check Cydia again to see if there's anything there. As long as you didn't restore from a backup afterward, I think you should be ok. :)
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    IIRC, you have to transfer the account from that phone. However, since I only use the free apps, I don't know how.
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    i too would like to know how to do this. i recently restored my iphone to new and rejailbroke it. why i launched cydia it already detected my account and purchases. this information would be good to know.
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    If you do a fresh restore and re-JB, Cydia won't know it is you until you login with your Facebook or Google ID (which is what cydia use for ID)

    You must have done a restore from Backup, you need to do a DFU restore and RE-Jb without restore from "users" (you) backup. Set it up as new phone. there is no way for Cydia to "know" it is you until you login. Cydia use Google or Facebook ID for that.
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    I set it up as a NEW phone. Cydia is using some other method to identify because I DID NOT RESTORE from users account..
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    no one has the answer? It was restored as NEW phone, but Cydia still shows the packages I purchased. Is Cydia using the UUID of the iPhone for identification?
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    Can you post a Screenshot, to see exactly what cydia is telling you?

    what did you use to login to Cydia the first time you purchased your first app? google or facebook iD?

    Are you doing a DFU restore?

    This is what Cydia shows after every restore I have done.

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    bender o

    I had the same issue and there seems to be no option. Although I did sell my phone without restoring it (original seller didn't save the shsh's blobls in time) and I had no trouble, I only had bought only one app, MyWi, and when I bought my new phone I was able to download it for free with my old license without issues. I don't know if my buyer is using it and I really don't care since I'm able to use mine and haven't got any "new" charges because the account doesn't save your paypal information :)

    Hope it helps
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    I get the "Package Previously Purchased" note on the pages of apps that I have purchased. You only need to login with facebook or gmail if you are PURCHASING something. So as the responder above stated, the person with the iPhone can probably redownload anything I have purchased before.
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    You still didn't answer the question, Did you use your Google or your facebook id when you originally got the package?

    Did you do a DFU restore?
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    I did a DFU restore with pwnage 4.1 and setup as a NEW phone.

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