How to run GHIII or Crysis on ANY macbook at a decent framerate *INCLUDES GMA950s*

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Aniki, Oct 18, 2008.

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    First off. Download an app called 3D analyze. It emulates high end graphics that make it easier for low end GPUs to run games. Before you ask anything. YES I DID TRY THIS, AND IT WORKS. SO IF IT DOESN'T WORK. YOUR DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

    Then make a new folder on your desktop. Name it 3D Analyzer. YOU CAN USE THE BUILT IN UNZIPPER TO PUT IT IN THEIR *VIA FILE*. If your using vista, WINRAR WORKS, 7-ZIP WORKS, I DUNNO IF STUFFIT WORKS.

    Now open the folder, and click 3D analyze *for vista right click run as admin*. Press select and locate crysis.exe or GH3 EXE



    Program Files\Asypr\Guitar Hero III\gh3.exe


    Program Files\electronic arts\crytek\crysis\bin32\crysis.exe



    Click run, and it runs fine, GHIII runs fine at lowest res, everything off. Download 1.3 Patch. It make's it run MUCH better by far on lower end laptops. Crysis, don't bother with resolution, some effects like water can be medium, try to keep it low.

    Use GH3 Speedboost as well for a black background and such. Download it, and if your on vista, right click totalboost and run as admin. If your on XP, just go and click it.

    Speedboost Download:

    Everything runs fine. Rarely lags. I hope I could help!!!
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    Does anyone even care -_-
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    Everyone's too busy debating about firewire on the MacBooks.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this!
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    lol, I never use firewire since both my camera, video camera, and External HDD are all USB. So it wouldn't really matter to me. I have firewire port on my macbook. Got mine in late 07, never touched it ONCE.
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    I've use this emulation program before and it does work even if the frames per second aren't consistent. At best it's a workaround to the shader hardware tests a lot of games run before installing or running.
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    oh yeah. Counters shows your FPS. Disable it if you want 5 more frames per sec. =D. It can make a big difference.
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    steve jobs wins.
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    Thanks for this info, I will try it later.
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    Alright, this mac is about a year old now, so I would expect new ones to be better, and even mine runs perfect. =D
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    Good find Aniki :) although I only play games on my 360 I am curious what frame rates you get on crisis and what macbook you have?
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    33 FPS on crysis.

    29-34 FPS in GHIII.

    Both rarely lag and run at a bearable framerate. Although you need to turn the settings down a tad bit. Works like a charm.
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    3d Analyze Works With Call Of Duty 4 :d

    It Does Not Work With Gears Of War, You Get An Error Saying You Cannot Run The Modified Exe :)
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    do u guys think this would improve crysis FPS on the new macbook pro cuz im spoiled frame rate wise. esp. when in firefights, the fps dips quite a bit so would this do much for the new macbook pro? FYI: i get 17- 22 fps on crysis on the new pro.
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    How about turning your graphics settings down? This application is a CPU based GPU hardware emulator.
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    yeah but i was able to hit medium easily on a previous gen macbook pro and was able to get 25 fps or higher on medium. how the heck is that possible considering the 9600m gt is supposed to be faster.
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    Keep in mind the only significant differences between the 8600M GT and 9600M GT are in the clock speed and manufacturing process. I've found that in newer games you really need the additional shader pipelines and 256-bit memory interface of higher end GPUs.

    Both GPUs have 32 shader cores and 128-bit memory interfaces.
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    If anyone is still trying to do this... here's a bump
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    It was 14 mins, give us a chance... But extremely solid find, i wonder if it would be possible to port to osx?
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    probably not. but I hope someone does port it over to Mac. What about VMs? Could it improve VM graphic performance a bit?
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    Sorry for late reply >_>

    Depends on what game though. Maybe on lower end games... BTW: This doesn't support steam :(
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    yep, when I get a chance Ill try it with my blackbook (x3100)

    Would love to hear anyone's experience with the x3100 and if it makes much of a difference?

    Im wondering if Starcraft 2 would run on my blackbook with this? or is that naive wishful thinking? :)
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    hmmm this looks very interesting, i might try this on my whitebook with the x3100
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    I don't see how you can get a low end GMA950 to emulate a much better graphics card at an acceptable speed. That would be like getting a first generation Pentium to emulate a Q6600 acceptably.
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    I don't have starcraft 2, so I dunno. I would assume so.

    @Old Mac Geezer

    It should work.
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    I might try it with Halo 2 in XP on my X3100.

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