How to Run OS X Mavericks in a Parallels Virtual Machine

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    Parallels has posted instructions on how to install the developer release of OS X Mavericks into its virtualization software. Installing the beta in a virtual machine allows developers to test their software in a secure environment on production machines, without endangering their day-to-day work.

    The company notes that users cannot install Mavericks into a clean virtual machine, but they can upgrade an already existing OS X virtual machine to Mavericks with only a few minor changes.

    Article Link: How to Run OS X Mavericks in a Parallels Virtual Machine
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    Cannot install Mavericks into a clean virtual machine?
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Mar 18, 2012

    is there a way to install Mavericks using VirtualBox?
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    Personally I'm a VMWare guy, has anyone tried installing Mavs. in Fusion?
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    This is something that both Parallels and VMWare will overcome in short order. Any time a new OS comes out they need time to update their software to recognize the installer file properly. Remember folks, this is still a very early dev OS.

    BTW: I'm running it in Parallels right now, and the biggest issue I have is that it doesn't recognize the fact that I have a second monitor attached.
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    I tried and failed to install Lion in VirtualBox already. Snow Leopard Server worked, but it was slow.


    I already put Mavericks as a clean install on VMWare Fusion; however, it was on an existing Mountain Lion virtual machine that I added a second bootup disk to. The graphics were having major problems in certain cases, but it booted and worked.


    I did, posted about it above.
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    Upgrading from 10.8 works. Direct install is tricky.
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    Is it possible to run VMWare on Mavericks? I can't seem to run any of my existing machines (which were created on Lion). Haven't tried a new machine yet.
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    I don't think that Mavericks is an interesting version of OS X to try out in a virtual machine. The final version will be much more interesting as you'll install that on your MacBook and notice the improvement in your battery life consumption. As for other features, it's not hugely interesting.
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    Makes no sense. Why would I have a virtual machine of a Mac, on a Mac?
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    It allows you to run beta OSes such as Mavericks without the risk of messing up your main OS.
    Second, some older software cannot run on the latest OSes, so you run the software in older versions in the virtual machine.

    There might be other reasons, which I don't know of.
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    Two good reasons. I've done this for both reasons.

    Software testing. I want to be sure my software runs well on different versions of the OS

    Failure containment. If the new Beta OS blows up I don't want it to corrupt my "real" disks. the version running inside the VM can only destroy the VM image and those can be restored in minutes
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    Based on what happened with Lions, even if it does work somehow, Parallels will cripple their current version and make you buy their new version.
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    Oct 1, 2003
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    Sorry, I phrased my reply wrong.

    It said you can't install Mavericks as a clean virtual machine, but only as an upgrade to an already existing OSX version in a virtual machine.

    If I have Mountain Lion as my main OS, why would I also have Mountain Lion installed as a virtual machine?
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    Mar 2, 2013
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    Yep, running Mavericks DP inside Fusion DP, alongside WIN8 on 10.8.5 as the host… Did a clean install of the Mavericks too! But as someone mentioned, doing a clean install involves a lot of shamanic dances and voodoo rituals converting the original disk image to VMDK, then Mavericks tried to install itself onto the virtual disk image it was installing itself from, so i had to make another virtual partition for it there blah blah blah...
    but it works!

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    You can partition your hard drive with Disk Utility, without having to reformat the drive, and install Mavericks there. Your primary (probably Mountain Lion) partition will mount automatically, and that can be annoying when using Spotlight, but there is a simple fix for that here.

    It might work alright in Parallels, but why introduce other variables into the equation when testing and developing with Mavericks?
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    Jul 11, 2008
    Doing this right now, however Parallels 8 outputs the OS to full 2880 resolution. It doesn't do what Apple does with showing the resolution at 1440 effectively (relative size). So everything is very tiny at full resolution.

    Going to contact Parallels and see if they have a fix coming. Other than that, I have to scale it to 1440 which is fuzzy and not at retina resolution.

    Anyone have a fix?



    EDIT: Forgot to say I'm using a retina MacBook Pro.
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    Mar 11, 2007
    So you can play with new Mac operating systems without risking your stable install and your data? ;)

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