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How to run Panther on a 25MHz Centris 650

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 25, 2004.

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    this made me smile.

    why do people climb mountains? because they're there.
    why would you do this? because with a little work, you can.

    I wanna see the xbench score :D
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    I love the last thing he says
    "Resurrecting my Mac II (68020 with FPU) in order to get an even slower machine booting OSX. I expect to have this done by the time longhorn ships."

    Hahaha, which means a LONG time from now.
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    I was thinking about doing something like this except I wanted to see how PearPC works on my mac through VPC. Pointless yes..... but it's all about the just because I can fact.
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    Hmm... I wonder if a new version of PearPC could cut that boot time in half - from 6.6 days to 3.3 days. That's a huge improvement compared to a boot time improvement on my iMac with the bootcache working vs. not working: 60 sec without, 30 sec with. Try the same thing on a PowerMac G5, and the difference is even less significant: something like 40 sec without and 20 sec with.
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    yay, it's more than enuff work for me to install linux on a 68k.. :p
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    if i can find a replacement drive for my centris 610 i might do put panther or even tiger on it :)
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    I've got an old Mac Classic II kicking around somewhere. Once I get it back from my friend, I was thinking about using it as a 'recipe book' in the kitchen, but installing Mac OS X would be a lot more fun! 128x128 icons on a 512x384 screen, narly!!
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    How about a 604e? Anyone have Panther running on a 200Mhz tower like I happen to have lying around?

    I don't want anything on PearPC... I'd like to run real OS X if I can.

    For no good reason...
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    So does this mean I could install Panther on my 7.14 Mhz Amiga 500. :rolleyes: :D
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    Flying Llama

    some people just have too much time on their hands... :rolleyes:

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