How to sent invitation through push E-mail and add to Calendar in iPhone?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by snowmen, Jul 13, 2008.

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    I wish when somebody send me an E-mail to my iPhone through Me/Mac address for adding an event on my iPhone Calendar, I can just accept and it will add to Calendar. Are there ways to do it?
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    i thought there was supposed to be. maybe im thinking of doing it on your desktop... it would be a nice feature though. maybe once they straighten out mobileme they can start adding features.
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    apples keynote and tutorial videos both clearly show that happening. Plus, if you look at the iPhone calendar app, you see what looks like empty space on the bottom right of the screen. That's where the notification icon will go. I haven't gotten an invite email yet, but from all indications, it should work smoothly *crosses fingers*
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    anybody know what format to type to send the invitation E-mail???
    Maybe it only works for Enterprise as with Exchange Server???
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    I looked through the documentation, and as far as I can tell, push calendar invites only function on the iPhone through Exchange. give M$ more functionality on an Apple platform than Apple software, but there it is.
    I got an invite today, and it didn't come up on my iPhone. i don;t use Exchange, and hope to never have to. of course, if Mac software keeps leaning towards that platform, maybe I won't have a choice...:confused:

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