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How to submit your songs to the iTunes Music Store.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 21, 2003.

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    So can anyone just submit their music? Do you even have to be on a label? I guess so, Apple is essentially a record label, distributor, and retailer all in one.
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    Phil Of Mac

    It seems ironic that they have a whole technote devoted to, "Email this guy."
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    sounds like a good idea. wonder how well it will work out.l
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    Well some people might be baffled that it is just that easy... :p
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    Phil Of Mac

    I guess it's kind of like how Macs have the thinnest manuals :)
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    it's not that easy. It's tempting to just write 20 ambient tracks, make them albums on bandcamp, and then apply. But who knows what the costs are that are mentioned here:

    "A U.S. Tax ID
    A valid iTunes Store account, with a credit card on file?

    how much does it cost to get those, on top of the 70 RIAA fee to get goingon getting your own ISRC codes for each track. Plus the 20+ dollars for the bar code.

    it's definitely cheapest to do it yourself (if you have 20 freakin albums), but probably smarter to go 3rd party...
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    Did an 8-year-old thread really need to be bumped for that?
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    yes, considering this was what google brought up and it's not even accurate. what's the point of an open thread that shows old info? I hate it when blogs don't update and keep old information up, I also hate it when I waste my time looking through old forum entries with out of date information.

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