How to track 27" iMac order?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Fantola, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Fantola, Dec 14, 2012
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    My 27" iMac shipped by this post, 6 hours ago. Now I want to know how to track it... I tried to use my tracking number on and Only shows no data! :(:confused:


    So what I found out was that my TNT page updated 20 hours later than i got it shipped.
    Here is a good site for the meaning of each status at TNT:
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    Can't say for sure, but usually tracking numbers don't work for the first 24 hours or so after being generated.
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    Go on the order page, there's a tracking button on their that will bring you to the carriers web page with your tracking info
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    No data still

    Now its 19 hours ago, nothing shows up under track shipment, only my estimated delivery and my information. Still no data at Tnt or Expeditors. Nothing about Shanghai... or Anchorage... I want to knwo where my iMac is? :(


    This is how it looks like at Apples Track Shipment page.
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    Have the same problem here.
    But I think it will show up when it reaches a particular point.
    Or on monday....

    The most important thing is that it is on its way:)
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    Lol those watermarks are some or the ugliest I've ever seen
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    For TNT: Take the tracking number from Apple and enter it on tnt's site as "Reference" and then track it.
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    Does not work. No data found
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    Same here
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    I have data now from TNT, mine is in Pudong Airport! ;D


    How do you track planes?
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    1st post just updated! If anyone has the same problems.
  12. Ciclismo, Feb 16, 2013
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    Bit of a noob question - which number should I use to search on Expeditors?

    Edit: Nevermind - I will be high and dry for a while as all the bits I ordered are being shipped from different locations and will be merged in transit at some warehouse in Prague...the suspense is almost palpable...


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