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How to use "Exclude these items..." on a per-disk basis in Mountain Lion?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Torley, Aug 2, 2012.

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    It's pretty rad that Mountain Lion allows multiple disks to be added on a rotating backup basis. But here's my problem: I have some smaller external HDs I want to create extra backups on. They aren't big enough to hold my entire original backup. (I thought they would at first glance, but Time Machine requires extra space to work.)

    Is there a way I can use "Exclude these items from backups" to selectively exclude really big folders just for these disks?
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    Any pointers for this, or is there not a way?
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    I'm ashamed to admit this as an OS X developer (been rather lax with 10.8 DP's), could you explain exactly what this benefit regards? Does this mean "Time Machine" backups will allow use of multiple [network] volumes/drives and what exactly do you mean by "rotating basis"? Based on drive usage/space? Sorry mate, thanks, and I hope I can help once I understand fully.
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    I have not seen any way to do this.

    What OP is talking about is starting with Mountain Lion you can have Time Machine backup sets. Say one disk you take off site to work and another you keep attached at home. You can just swap them back and forth and Time Machine will keep them both up to date.

    Better description here.
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    Thanks for your replies, guys!

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