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How to Use Kindle on iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by chris650, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I downloaded Kindle App on iPad.

    How do download free books from from those Kindle online library and read it from Kindle app withing iPad???
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    You have to have an Amazon.com account. For example you cannot get Kindle books as yet via Amazon UK or France. I have a feeling you may have to have one click purchasing enabled. Register your iPad with Kindle/Amazon Then make sure you select the correct download device in the purchase panel, as this usually defaults to your laptop or it certainly does in my case. I have generally found that the "Free-Books" app has a better selection than Kindle.

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    First you need an Amazon Account. Once that is done, then you can either click on the icon when you open the application that reads SHOP IN KINDLE STORE or you can go online from your computer.

    Here is a link to some free books that Amazon has out. This is also the Kindle Store site:


    If you are logged onto Amazon while shopping and you click on a book, on the right hand side of the screen you will see that it reads try a smple or deliver to your Kindle on iPad. If logged in Amazon will actually have the name of your iPad already on the screen.

    Hope this helps.

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    The Barnes & Noble eReader has free classics this week.

    I use all four major readers and just shop around for the best price on a book. If they are all the same, I stay with iBooks.
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    Classic books are available for free nearly everywhere.
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    i have an amazon account, registered my kindle app here (no actual kindle)

    how do i download from iPad? or do i need to download in desktop, then.....?????
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    Go to the Amazon website and buy books there. You can buy it on your iPad through the web browser, or a desktop. But you have to buy it through amazon.com either way.

    Then next time you open the app, it will sync your purchases automatically.

    There's also a store link in the app itself that's pretty prominent. It launches Safari so you can buy items through there.
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    got it
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    I for one, hope they don't bring out a Kindle store for the UK. I'm quite enjoying paying US prices for my ebooks!!
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    There already is a Kindle store for the UK, its just that the books are priced in $.

    If you change your address to US, the US Kindle store will give you different pricing and often will have different authors and books available.

    Europen kindle store likewise, again it's still priced in $ but often different to both US and UK stores.
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    If i just have an ipad and iphone, can i buy books via the kindle app, even though i dont have an actual kindle?
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    Amazon would sell you Kindle books on an Internet-connected refrigerator, if they could. Yes, as long as you have access to a Kindle reader app, be it on a mobile device, Mac, PC or the Kindle reader itself, you can buy books (and swap them between devices - provided they're all on one account). My wife and I have the newer Kindles and we gave my son the 1st gen when we got the new ones. All 3 are on my account and can share books (only on one device at a time) and they can be accessed from any other Kindle reader app on any device.
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    I have my Kindle books on both my iPad and iPod touch at the same time...
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    I think he means the books can only be on one Kindle at a time. An account can have other non-Kindle devices attached to it, which share them, but books can only be on one Kindle itself.


    I have a Kindle coming in which I bought my bf as a present, since I do my reading on my iPad. I figured I would just attach it to my account since we have the same reading tastes. Doing so would let us all have the same books between my iPad and his Kindle without issue if I understand things correctly?
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    Kindle's are confusing. Some books you can only have on one device at a time and other books you can have on 5 or 6 devices at a time. It depends on the publisher.

    Taken from http://www.geardiary.com/2009/06/21/kindlegate-confusion-abounds-regarding-kindle-download-policy/ :

    And once in a while you will find a book that does say how many devices you can sync it too at a time.
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    That just doesn't sound right. I mean, imagine a family with two or more Kindles, and say the husband buys a book, which the wife wants to read also. The wife has to wait until the husband finishes with the book and deletes it off his Kindle before she can start reading? That just feels wrong...
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    Well if you only had one physical book you couldn't both be reading it at the same time, could you?
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    You do have a point. On the other hand, what's the point of whispersync if you can only have your books on one device at a time?
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    The last book I downloaded can be put on 5 devices at a time.
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    We have in our household 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, and 2 Kindles. So far, all of my books are on all 6 devices at the same time. I've never run across a book (publisher) that restricted number of devices...


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