How to watch movies from my Thumb Drive?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yanksrock100, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. yanksrock100, Apr 12, 2012
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    Hey guys. I bought an old, iBook g3. It doesn't have a DVD drive, just CD rom. Luckily, I have a thumb drive with a few movies on it, and iMovie videos as well.

    Is there any way I can watch my movies, because QuickTime AND vlc Player can't support the files.

    Also, is there any way to watch my iMovie projects, since this iBook doesn't have iMovie.

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    What kind of files are your movies (apart from the iMovie projects)? If VLC won't play something, usually nothing will. I'm guessing the iBook may simply be too weak to handle your files.

    I would assume you'd have to export your iMovie projects to a file format you can handle.
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    Are you involved in some contest to start as many threads as humanly possible? If you keep it up then every single thread will be one of your silly newbie questions.

    You only need one damn thread for all your iBook G3 related questions.
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    If you're on Panther, VLC sucks.
    At least get OS X Tiger 10.4.11, then VLC will be useful.
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    Sorry...didn't mean to offend anybody.
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    It's not offensive at all. It's intrusive. How is this a public forum when almost every thread here will be started by you. It's borderline spamming for your own needs.

    There is no reason at all you can't ask all these questions in one thread that deals with all you iBook questions. Every time you ask a new question in the same thread it bumps it to the top so people will see and read it.

    You're treating it like your personal forum.
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    You didn't do anything wrong at all. If you have questions, ask them. There's a reason only one person is bitching about it...because nobody else is offended.
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    Haha Thanks! :)
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    What format are the movies in?
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    mp4 and m4v

    The one shown in the pictures was mp4
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    If I'm not mistaken newer versions of VLC should support those formats. I can tell you right now that your not doing yourself any favors using Panther, I found out that Panther friggin sucks, might be a good time to upgrade to Tiger if you can. Other than that not sure what else you can do.
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    Ok thanks, ill try to find an updated version of VLC. And I am using 10.4.11 tiger :D
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    Yeah pay no attention to Tetley dudes a nub. Apparently he physically owns despite joining this month.
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    MacRumors Police! lol
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    Cool, you definitely should be able to use a newer more capable version that should run those formats. Anyways ignore tetley, he's the only one I have seen complain for no real reason other than that he can.
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    Thanks, I got it working :)
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    Good, he is banned:) thanks everyone else for helping me out, I'm really enjoying my first PowerPC!
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    Keep in mind that your iBook G3 would have USB 1.1 and the real world speed of it on Mac portables is only around 700KB/sec. My point is that a player with a decent buffer will really help out.

    Another thing to consider is that you don't have Altivec (Velocity Engine) on a G3 which is very helpful in VLC and Mplayer. I would advise going into VLC preferences to the "CPU Features" and turning off Altivec support. Also go to the Access Module/File preferences and set the cache to 1000 or higher but going over 2000 really won't help. 1000 = 1 second buffer.

    Those files you list trying to play would not play well on a G3 unless they are very low resolution. .m4v is for sure h.264 and .mp4 is very likely the same but could be FFmpeg also. h.264 and G3's don't mix unless they are very low res like 200p/i.

    Trust me when I say that you will get by much better with XviD or DivX .avi files or anything that isn't h.264 grade or higher.

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