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How upgradable are the powerbooks?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by newmacmom, Jan 13, 2007.

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    An old G4 powerbook to be exact. I am just looking for one for my 8 year old daughter who wants to do learning games, iLife things and KidPix so I am thinking I am going to need more than 256 RAM and a 10 G hard drive, but I am thinking if I can add it later, that would be fine (f the price is right). How much RAM can an old G4 handle? Also, are there any problems with that model I should worry about (it IS titanium, but it usually won't be used as a portable machine).

    Also, how slow is 400GHz?
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    The RAM and the HDD can be upgraded later on without a problem. The original 400MHz PowerBook G4 can handle up to 1GB of PC100 SODIMM RAM.

    The main problem of the Titanium PowerBook G4s seemed to be of chipped paint, but besides that, they seem to have been great laptops. :)

    I think that you mean 400MHz, 400GHz is ultra, not even existent, fast! :p :D :)

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