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How was your iPads packaging?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Reimer, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Reimer, Mar 26, 2012
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    Okay, I don't want this thread to sound like another nit-picking thread but it's definitely going to sound that way. I was a little suspicious I had bought a returned product but I was wondering what your iPads packaging was like?

    Mine just seemed like it was rushed or perhaps the box had been opened before. A corner of the plastic wrap at the back was folded. There were marks on three of the corners of the iPad. "Marks" may have been a bad way to put it but they were like 1mm sized bits of glue residue or something that I had to wipe off with a damp towel. There were at least four of these.

    With all the stories of the amount of iPads being returned, I'm either suspicious or just really nit-picking. I'll choose the latter for now. I guess I'm used to the more pristine packaging of my previous Apple products.

    of course, I should mention I bought mine at an Apple store and it was shrink wrapped.


    Just to try to clear up some confusion since most people are either not reading or just misunderstanding me. I'm not talking about the box. When I said "plastic wrap", I was referring to the cellophane wrap on the iPad itself, not the box. When I said there were bits of glue residue, I meant on the iPad itself, not the box.
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    Life... Get one.
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    Mine had the exact same thing, and still shrink-wrapped. That is overdrive OCD, cool down. All 4 corners of my box and a little pushed in, so what? My iPad is near perfect. No complaints.
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    Well, I knew I was going to get some negative replies but that's fine with me because I understand completely :)

    I'm not even complaining about the iPad itself which seems fine. I should have taken a picture but if you saw the condition it was in when I took it out of the box, you might have been a little suspicious too.
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    The box mine was in was smashed in on a corner other the that it seemed like all the other boxes my apple stuff has come it. Mine looked like someone dropped it or it got slammed into something. It was the last one though so I went with it.
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    As long as it's brand new, never touched … I don't care what condition the box is in. They better not give me a used one.
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    Agreed. As long as the iPad was in new condition a few minor dings on the box isn't worth worrying about.
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    Oh. My. Effin. Gawd.

    OCD reaches a whole, new level.
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    I buy my iPad just so I can have a good box!
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    Apple won't sell open returns.
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    Reimer, I don't think you should be mocked for this post at all. Steve Jobs himself was obbsessed with product packaging. Its something I admired about him. He truly understood that the product experience started with the opening of the box.

    I think the people on this board that mock posts such as these don't understand what Apple under the reign of Steve Jobs has really been about. He was making art. At least that is what he wanted to do.

    Post such as these are the highest form of praise. There is no other technology product out there that demands such critical critique.
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    They can remove hairs across your ass very easily. Next time you see the doc ask.
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    Seriously... if your iPad is fine, worrying about the box is pretty OCD and pointless.
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    Yeah that's pretty much how I feel other than the feeling the box had been thrown around. But if it works and it looks new I'd live with it. Especially if it doesn't have any of the issues people are hallucinating about. ;)
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    It's definitely a refurb. That is the ONLY logical way to explain the imperfections in yours. Take it back to your local Apple store and have him inspect your corners and he will agree!
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    Can someone please point out where the OP is saying that the box is what he is complaining about. He's talking about marks on the iPad when he took it out of the box. Read before bashing someone about their life, or OCD.
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    Honestly, I don't mind being mocked for this thread. I fully admit it was nit-picky but at the same time, it just means I held Apple to a very high standard.

    Also, it seems some people either didn't actually read my initial post or just didn't understand it.

    I wasn't complaining about the box. I was talking about the condition of the wrapping and the iPad itself. There were quite a few bits and pieces of glue residue on the iPad that I had to wipe off with a damp towel.

    You know how sometimes you buy something and you peel off the price tag and there's some residue left behind? Well, that's exactly what was on mine and in several places on the back of the iPad, even behind the plastic wrapping. I was simply suspicious that maybe I had purchased a returned product. That's it. No more, no less.

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    I have a perfect box for sale if anyone wants it; no dings, scratches or yellow tint :D
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    Lots of jokes running through me head.
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    My iPad had some glue smears on the back to I just wiped them off. I'm guessing someone just got messy with the glue. I really don't think you got a refurb.
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    The delivery guy pooped on it and when I finally got it clean i opened the box and it was disassembled into each individual component so I had to put it back together but I realized that the glass was actually just plastic wrap but I was okay with that but not it is very hard to type and play games, is this a common problem for everybody? I think it is because it is the second time it happened to me so it of course happened to other people.
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    As long as your iPad is in good working condition, don't fret over the condition of the box. At the end of the day, it's still a box. Boxes do get dirty and scuffed up from time to time.
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    We've really hit rock bottom when people start complaining about small imperfections on the box. :eek:
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    I will mail my box anywhere in the continental US if it will keep threads like this from showing up here ever again.
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    I'm still waiting for the "The iPad on the box of my iPad has a yellow tint to it"

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