How would this TV work with my 2010 MPB 13 inch?

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by iHalo, Dec 9, 2010.

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    You could get a miniDisplayPort -> HDMI adapter that supports audio if you want audio through the monitor, and an HDMI cable to go with that.
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    It should work fine with a proper HDMI->mini displayport cable or adapter. Are you planning to only use it with the MBP or will you have other devices hooked up? If it's for computer only, you can get a LED monitor from a reputable brand for around the same price. TVs and monitors display differently; the former is designed for contrasty movies and shows. But if you plan to play console games or watch movies a lot, go with a TV (and any will do fine, but LED is a great choice).
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    I want to use it to watch television, have skype/windows/word documents up, and to watch movies from netflix. Also, I use my aux cable with my speakers. Will I need to take that out to use this television? And how will the word documents and skype look up? I just want it to double as a television as my dorm room is quite small.
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    That AOC TV is a TV and a cheap TV at that. It is not a computer monitor. If you want to watch TV or even PowerPoint presentations, then it is probably OK. For serious computer work? Fugeddaboudit!
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    What TV do you recommend to use as a TV and computer monitor? We're talking 24 inch and less than 300 or so here please.
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    None. TVs and computer monitors are used in two mutually exclusive regimes. A TV is a device that is designed to view low-resolution material from across the room. A computer monitor is a device designed to view high-resolution material within arms reach.
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    While this is absolutely true, a lot of manufacturers are going for the "full HD" advertising scheme and many 24" displays, especially in this price range, are 1920x1080. So the resolution argument is moot in this class. But, there are other differences between TVs and displays, notable the color and contrast. I think if the OP is trying to double a TV as a monitor, 24" is the way to go and just get the best you can afford. Or go for a display with a built in tuner as skorpien suggested.
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    How does the text look? I will be viewing this from around 4 feet, it is meant to replace my television as well (5 years old). Will it work with a cable perfectly to show television and does it come with a remote?
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    In this day and age there is not much distinction between the two other than that one has a tuner and the other does not.
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    that is basically what i want to do use the tv screen as a way to watch shows i like from hulu and play a movie here and there i own also ..

    it seams to be a easly thing to do intill you mention the world apple and they go we do not carry the parts that you need ..
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    The text is sharp and clear on my model (I have the T220HD. Older model, 22", also 1080p). I usually sit about 4 feet away from my monitor and I have no issues whatsoever. If you look at the details page of the link I provided, it tells you everything that it comes with, including the remote. It also has a built-in DTV tuner, so I assume it will work with a cable. I have mine connected to my cable and I'm able to view all of the channels just fine. The model I linked does not come with a DVI input, but using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter will work as it has 2 HDMI inputs.

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