How's my PowerMac G4 going to be?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by KJmoon117, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Well I had this PowerMac (G4) for couple years but I switched back to PC and now I have a sudden craving (obsession) for Macs...

    Problem is that I started w/ my PowerMac but one of the heat sinks for the Broadcom chip broke off and I ran it. Now it won't turn on at all, I think the chip over heated.

    So my question is... Is this repairable? How much do you think the repair is going to cost along w/ the diagnosing the problem at the Apple store? I'm out of warranty and I'm also running Mac OS 10.2.9?

    Also if I do I get it repaired, do you think I'd be able to run Tiger on it?

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    If you get it repaired yes it will be able to run tiger. However, do you know how fast it is? It might not worth having it repaired as it will probably be a motherboard replacement.
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    :eek: How much would that cost?

    I know it's a PowerMac AGP GFXCard and I think it's around 533Mhz?
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    It would have been 500mhz then. If its that speed of machine then its not worth taking to apple. By the time you get the diagnostic fees and the cost of a new board it wouldn't be worth it. So this chip that fried is on the main logic board right? Maybe you best option is buy a board on ebay and install it yourself if your comfortable with that.
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    Well, all because of one tiny heat sink... Damn... It was the only Mac I was going to get for a while...

    But if I do take it to Apple do I have to bring the mouse/keyboard?

    What speed do you think is worth bring back to Apple because I'm not sure, it could be 733mhz... Meh... Damn.

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    No you won't need the mouse/keyboard. It wouldn't be worth it even if its a 733mhz i just checked ebay and you can get a dual 1 ghz g4 for around $200 Which is going to be cheaper then fixing it.
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    Alright, thanks TrainGuy...

    But I'll probably take it to the Apple store anyways just to see what's wrong w/ it for sure. If the motherboard needs to be replaced, pray to God that the replacement would be under 100$....

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    I think they charge a service fee just for looking at it. Just to tell you whats wrong. Atleast at my local mom and pop apple store. And the replacement will be over $100 guaranteed. As there is the service fee as well.
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    Do you know how much the diagnosing fee is?
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    I don't know what it would be at the apple stores in the states. In canada at mom and pop stores its around $60 But it could be totally different in the states someone else would have to comment on that.
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    Well I came back....

    Gigabit ethernet chip - fried

    Oh and Power Supply - trashed. (I don't know how this happened...)

    Power supply replacement - 200$
    Logic Board Replacement - 600$
    I don't know what's priceless in this picture... But DAMN!
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    It had about 1 hour left so maybe the price spiked but it was a dual 1gz 512mb ram it was sitting at $201. But the auction would be over now. :eek:
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    If you still want a mac you could try to sell what's left of the G4 on ebay and put the money towards a macmini.

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