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How's this set-up for CS3 including After Effects work?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by miguel mouse!, Mar 16, 2008.

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    I use photoshop, illustrator and indesign a lot for school and my internship and i was planning on doing some AFX work for myself. I'm thinking about this set-up....

    15" macbook pro 2.4GHz 200GB @ 5400 rpm matte screen w/ 20" ACD.

    Comments. Suggestions? If i plan on working on AFX files that are 3-5 minutes long, will 2GB RAM be enough, or should i upgrade to 4GB?
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    You can get away with just 2GB for the PS, AI and ID, but when you start working with video (AE) you'll probably want at least 4GB. It will make the other programs run much smoother, as well.

    Everything else sounds pretty good, especially if you throw in an external monitor.
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    looks good. 4GB is a no brainer with the price of MBP ram.

    Allow PLENTY of time for AE rendering. PLENTY. Don't think, oh the deadline is 9am tomorrow, i'll render overnight. Rendering on the MBP will be a lot slower than on a MP so allow at least 24 hours for all but the most basic renders just in case it takes longer than expects, crashes or you need to make some changes etc.
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    thanks for the advice.

    do you think i can get by with my 16" clear acrylic ACD from the g4 days, or do you suggest i upgrade to a new ACD?
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    well a 16" screen is only an improvement of 1" over the laptop screen.

    ACDs are very nice, but they're also very expensive. There are frankly better options for your money. For the price of a 23" ACD you can get a very good quality 24" screen or even a cheap(er) 27" screen, and still have change left over.

    Any reason you want an ACD other than just aesthetic reasons?

    Samsung make good quality panels.
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    Can't you use your MBP display as one monitor and your ACD as another? A dual setup like that would probably give you the space you need and let you not spend any more money than necessary (unless you just really want to).
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    yeah i've been using a dual-setup with my 12" powerbook and my 16" ACD.

    so i think i'll spend as little money as necessary and just buy a 15" macbook pro.

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