How's you iPod Touch 5 holding up against screen scratches?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Amad3U5, Jan 23, 2013.

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    I've got a few small scratches, but you can't see them at all when the screen is on, even at an angle.
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    No screen scratches whatsoever. I'm using a screen protector. It's a great investment. I recommend Tech Armor brand, the HD Clear type. (Never get the Anti-glare ones, because that reduces the quality of the Retina screen)
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    Yeah, I agree, on day one... Well, around that time... I purchased a really good screen protector. Cost around 25.00 but it was worth every penny! Even has a lifetime guarantee on it!

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    Screen still flawless - no screen protector. Carry it around in a pocket - and make sure I don't put anything else in that pocket.
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    (Ipod touch 4 used for 2 years) I only see 2 hairline scratches when in the correct lighting and angle. I don't worry about them. Screen protectors never work for me (never go on)
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    I do not have any scratches on the screen, of course, depends on the person how she cares
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    Reporting for Duty

    iPod: iPod Touch 5
    Scratches: none
    Carry method: pocket
    Potential scratchers: keys in my pocket with the iPod occasionally
    Protection: none*
    Case: none
    Age: 4 months or so**

    *referring, of course, to iPod screen protectors
    ** the iPod, not me
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    I think that screen protector of any kind will somewhat more or less reduces the quality of retina.
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    Not well at all and a try to keep it in a separate pocket from everything else once I noticed
  11. Ffosse, Jan 24, 2013
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    Neither of mine has any scratches (or bends) - but I wouldn't really care if they did. Screen protectors are a waste of money; they detract from what is the beauty of the screen.

    My Slate 32Gb is the beater which I just throw in a bag; the White & Silver 64Gb one I have a turquoise case for and take a bit more care of - it stays at home.




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