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HP iPods? What if.......

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by markoibook, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Just a random thought I had earlier today.
    If apple are going to be making iPods for HP, with HP branding, what is the possibility of Apple choosing to do the same with Macs? For example, a HP branded iBook.
    Apple could have the potential to reach a wider audience (as the HP iPod is supposed to), but unlike the clones of the 90s, Apple would have full control of these other machines. And of course, the HP (or whatever) branded models would be lower spec than the Apple ones (maybe older models).

    What do you guys think of this idea? Thought it might start some interesting discussions...

    PS. I personally do not like this idea, but I think it is interesting...
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    That is an interesting idea. I am not sure how I feel about it. The thing is, all but the really dumb everyday consumers would know that they were really macs, and I would think everyone would just go for the real deal. Although it is kinda the same thing with Ford and Mercury, or Chrysler and Dodge, people still fall for all of that.
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    The HP iPod works because it is cross-platform. An HP computer that is really a Mac would just be too confusing to consumers, IMO.

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    I would agree with Lethal.

    I would also think there might some legal issues with Microsoft. I don't think HP would want to upset Billy G.
  5. TEG
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    Does anyone know what HP will call their iPod? I've thought that Hip-Pod would be kind of cool. Your thoughts.

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    Hip-Pod = ultra lame name.
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    baby duck monge

    yes, but HP is kinda lame. and at least the name covers all your bases... HP and the iPod.
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    I believe that it's called the hPod, get it hPod?!? HA!! Still lame though.
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    When I mentioned a HP branded Mac, I was only using HP as an example - in theory it could be any make.
    I just thought that it was an interesting concept - perhaps Apple would have been better off taking this strategy back in the 90s instead of when they started the clone wars - as with this approach apple remain in full control of the situation
  10. Nny
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    Can't see Apple making computers for other companies to resell.

    Now if Apple would license out their OS and bring back clones that would be a different story. Steve wants nothing to do with it though. But if IBM and Motorola (and whoever else wanted in) were making the computers then Apple could focus on being a software company. The one thing Apple has always done best is software and now they are buying up all these multimedia companies and rebranding their software... the number of software titles Apple offers is getting huge. They have more titles than MS or Adobe, I believe. It would make sense to become a software company and let someone else do the hardware. Software has a lower operating cost and a higher profit margin than hardware generally (considering the development time and units sold). But again, Steve wants nothing to do with clones so this will probably never happen.
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    I think it is called "HP Digital Music Player." :)
  12. TDT
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    Why? HP should be free to sell whatever computers they want, right? Not that I think it would be a good idea for them to sell Macs, but legal issues with Microsoft shouldn't be an obstacle.

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