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HP iPrint Photo

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by det2004, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Allows you to print photos to your wireless HP Printer from your iPhone. Now they need to come out with one to allow you to print pdf files and other documents from your iPhone.
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    Thats a pretty nice App. If I had an HP printer I'd defiantly have it.
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    Finally! Ive been waiting for an app like this forever. It works great. When i printed my first thing my friend turned around and looked at the printer really freaked out cuz no one was on the compu XD Awesome
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    I have a Canon printer with WiFi. I'm hoping someone releases this to work with those printers. I HATE HP, but all of a sudden, I'm a little bit jealous. :eek:
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    Print in the app store just came out tonight. I always thought that it was odd that there were no apps like this in the store, but perhaps this is an actual good side effect of Apple loosening up on which apps are accepted. I'm getting tired of new farting apps. These are actually useful.

    I haven't tried it yet. Waiting for a few more reviews. Seems restricted and requires software that must first be installed on the computer.

    Being able to print word documents would be great. It would be nice to be able to print to whatever printer was closest to me while on my university's campus. Many times I will email myself documents and print them off at school. This would save a little time and be just plain cool. Apple needs to add this to the email and safari apps with some sort of universal driver. Also, a common file repository would be great.

    I also have a Canon printer...and Canon everything else. When reading about this, I kept trying to think of someone I know who has an HP, and all I could come up with was Canon, Lexmark, Kodak, and Epson. I had HP back in the day, but they were crap. Ink heads were always getting clogged and the ink was too pricey.
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    I've just got this haven't had a chance to test it yet cos i cannot connect to my work machine from cell network and I can't get on the work wireless from my phone.

    it requires a windows or mac to act as a print server and have the software running on it.

    I will have a play at home tonight and if it's any good get my other half to open up the home network a little to let me print from anywhere.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to pick this up now and try it out! I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Within the first minute of installing both apps, this works for me. I have a Canon MP620 printer, set up on my wifi network. I have the print server software running on a mac mini, printing contacts, photos... It all works, and works well.

    My only complaint, is there's no option to print email, and seeing as the SDK doesn't allow apps to access that, I doubt we'll see that addition, unless the developer figures out some way to forward the email to the print server.

    All in all, worth the $1.99 for sure!
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    I can't get the Hp Print App to print to any of my Hp Printers? Do I need to do anything beside have the printer shared and on?
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    OMG this is incredibly cool!

    I installed the app and printed to my big a$$ HP 8700 color printer in seconds!

    This is incredibly, incredibly cool!

    Dear HP

    More options please! :D

    Thank you!

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    I have an all in one hp printer but iprint apps say it cannot find printer.
    Can anyone help me ?
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    Click Here.
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    Thanks for the heads up!! It works great on my new HP C7280. Very nice to have this app.
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    Hi i am not able to print on my iphone with my all in one printer any idea why?It says no printer available
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    yes i did all that phone says no printer available
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    Did you check to see in the list on the above link if you're HP printer is compatible with their App for the iPhone?

    Again here's the link
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    yes i have a hp 7410 all in one that is compatible

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