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    Link: HP's Wow Factor
    Description:: Hewlett-Packard is unveiling a bold, provocative marketing campaign. But can it back up the new message with equally spiffy products?

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    Aught to be interesting, but a lot of the things discussed in the article lack anything 'cool'. The quickplay feature would be useless on a Mac. Who shuts down their laptop anyways?

    I have always liked HP (for PCs) and think they are a respectable company with decent products. It is definitely clear that Carly is not in charge anymore.
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    Cute ad, never seen that one before.
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    Umm, Apple, anyone? I think 'making the whole experience easier' is exactly what Macintoshes are all about.
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    I've always had a love for HP products up until my purchase of a PSC 2610 All-in-One. I've really had nothing but problems with the thing. You can't fill the paper tray to it's quoted capacity or it will read that it is empty and after replacing the black ink cartridge it is printing half red and half black, errrrr. I have nothing but love for my Canon iP4000 though. Wonderful printer through and through. Unfortunately, I think HP has gotten a little cheap with their parts, even moving away from having print heads on their cartridges. :(
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    Not to mention we aren't running the same operating system as Dell, eMachines, Gateway, etc. (We can, but don't have to. Our experience is ready out of the box)
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    Quite. Not something HP has a reputation for. It is, after all, still a PC.
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    no. brodie was not the difference maker. those audio speakers gave him the headache.
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    Very interesting article. Will be interesting to see how they bring over the 'wow' factor though. Apple is still really the only company that can do that.
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    SO HP has to pay celebrities to use their computers, whereas most celebrities/musicians already own a Mac.

    If I had to choose one PC manufacturer to be on top, it'd definitely be HP, I just think they should focus on all their other products rather than their computers.

    I would love to see some PC companies bash the Mac in upcoming ads. It's funny how much fear a company with such little market share can generate. It must also be frustrating because most of the time, their problems are in the software.

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    A Dell has more quality in hardware and performance then an HP does. There drivers and software they install standard is crap. I'm not saying Dell's is not crap either, but a Dell is cheaper then an HP (with coupons) and the quality is better then HP.
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    I do consider HP's products to be provocative. I was provoked after considering an HP laptop to buy an iBook. :eek: ;) :D

    Oh, and I was provoked by their hiring Carly Fiorina to lose all faith in corporate America. :eek:
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    I would like to see HP or some other PC manufacturer come up with their own iMac, and when I say that, I mean an all-in-one with a good design. I can guarantee you though most consumers will still prefer looking at the iMac, even if they do not buy. There's something about Apple that cries style to the masses.
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    I do have to say, though, that Compaq (which, I guess, is now HP too) has designed an all-in-one that I considered stylish and lustworthy, at the time, at least once....
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    Well, I do love my hp calculators, but that just gets a look when I mention it to most people...

    RPN all the way...
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    48GX got me through college :)

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