HTC One X+ vs LG Nexus

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by hallaisen, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I'm getting my first Android after having stuck with the iPhone since the original one was released.

    I really like the HTC One X+, but would much prefer stock android and timely updates. This is a really tough one for me! Anyone else have the same dilemma?
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    What do you like about the HOX+ and what do you like about the upcoming LG Nexus (which we still don't have any solid info about)?
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    Assuming the new LG Nexus hardware meets your needs (i.e. only 8 or 16 GB of memory, no expansion), I'd personally go the Nexus route. I had a Galaxy Nexus for a few months, didn't love the hardware but did like the fact that I had JB as soon as it was released. And as you're coming from iOS, it'll drive you nuts not be able to get updates as they're first available--at least it would've pissed me off. And yes, I'm sure the next bunch of posts after mine will say it doesn't matter because you can always unlock/root it and flash whatever ROM you like. If that interests you, then just get the best hardware available to suit your needs. Me personally, I don't have the interest in it, just want the latest from Google.

    If I ever get another Android device, it'll be another Nexus. Just looks like it won't be the upcoming LG if the memory rumors are true. :(
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    From the leaked photos of the LG Nexus I prefer the HTC design. And everyone is raving about the HOX screen, which is important to me as well. I do wish it would come with 2gb of RAM instead of 1, and it would have been great if they had updated the camera as well though.

    Spec-wise it seems like the LG Nexus will beat the HOX+ in most areas, but for some reason I trust the quality of an HTC phone more than the quality of an LG phone.

    Also, I'll probably be able to get my hands on the HOX+_sooner than the LG. I'm itching to get rid of my iPhone 4S.


    Storage is no issue for me at all. The less the better, really, as long as it has at least 8gb. I stream all my media.
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    I was debating this until today. I went to the store and used a HOX. I could never live with sense personally. And who knows when a stable rom will be out for the HOX+. And rooting is something I just don't feel like dealing with.

    So it's the LG nexus or another nexus.
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    I just went and quickly tried a HOX on my lunch as well. I found it way too laggy and would never even consider buying a phone that stutters that much, but I assume this is a non-issue on jelly bean.
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    The HTC One X is one of the most overrated Android devices. It's terribly clunky to hold and operate with -- the ergonomics are just dreadful. And that top sleep/power button is the worse thing ever.
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    I'm waiting for the lg nexus to fully expose it self of not I'm going to the note 2.
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    That device probably wasn't even running the last update Android 4.0.4 & Sense 4.1 which smoothed out nearly all the lag the phone had initially. The lag was due to the Sense 4 half-baked 3D effect which they rectified in 4.1

    With Jellybean & Sense 4+ (rolling out officially this month, but some of us on the Elevate programme have already received) makes the phone very nippy indeed and only in rare instances do I suffer any lag on JB.

    No more so than ANY big android device and yes I have held the SGS3 and Note in my hands at this stage to compare.

    As for the power button thing, that personal subjective preference and not fact. Some of us who are left handed hate when they put the power button on devices on the side as ergonomically it is wrong for us. So having the power button on the top at least means we don't make the frustrating mistake whilst holding the phone of knocking it into standby.

    But OP if your concerned about being as close to Stock AOSP as possible and the quickest delivery of updates, then a NEXUS device really is the only way to go.

    In regards to the HOX+, there's little advantage over the international HOX tbh (more storage, better front facing camera) and the extra battery isn't too dramatic when its got a slightly faster CPU meaning battery life will probably be much the same as the existing One X in actual usage.
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    I've handled both the S3 and the One X and I can say that the S3 is far easier to handle. The S3 felt thinner, was even throughout, and felt more ergonomic. That's just my experience.

    I cannot disagree with you more about the power button on top. For such a large device that position is flat out wrong. The side power button makes infinitely more sense in every way possible. For right handers, the thumb is always near by. For left handers, the index finger is always near by.

    In no situation is the top ever preferable. It makes you have to adjust your hand to reach up there with a finger. And for such a large device, it's a bit of a long way to go. The only other option is to use a second hand. I don't get how the side button is worse for you if you're left handed. It's closer than the top button will ever be to your fingers wrapped around the device. It's not that hard to avoid if you don't want to press it. Do you constantly hit the volume up and down buttons too? If you can consciously avoid that big button, I don't see why you can't avoid a smaller one.

    If it works for you, that's dandy.
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    I suspected this may be the reason they're going with an 8GB one. To keep the price extremely low. That's an amazingly low entry price for such a high-end device. So kudos to them.

    But I don't see why there can't be a 32GB option too.
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    Nexus are day htc sucks i buy the htc one x the quad core one and sense sucks and the battery life its horrible i prefer the nexus i am looking for the lg nexus
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    I wonder what will happen to the Galaxy Nexus if the LG Nexus is at a price point that low. Either vanish from the store due to all the other Nexus devices appearing, or have an even lower price point?
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    If those prices for the LG are true, I actually might hock my One X for a 16GB LG Nexus myself.
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    I'll be doing the same with my S3. Even better if there's a 32GB version.
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    This is how I hold a phone in my left hand.

    The power button on nexus devices is usually right where my top finger is on the right of the device.

    Hence YES I DO find the power button could be hit accidentally, and hence prefer it to be on top.


    You always seem to write responses (not only in this thread) to people as if you somehow know better than anyone else and that we are doing is something wrong if we dare to have another user experience or opinion. You come across very arrogant / patronising - even if this is not your intent.
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    Agreed. Those results are very disappointing if true.

    In terms of looks I think it looks great in that last picture! And is that the LED notifier in the middle under the home button? That's also a micro SIM if I'm not mistaken?
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    I'm sorry.
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    I'm happy about the notification light! And I must admit this thing look sexier and sexier every time I see it. 16 GB and if those prices are correct then it's mine.

    What do you all plan to do about Insurance for this phone?
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    Thank you. It's take a decent man to apologise.


    Yeah really like the notification light too, and it is sexy. I wish the iPhone 5 had one.

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