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Hulu on Apple TV 2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by lgwells1, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I just used Firecore to jailbreak my ATV2 running the latest OS. I went ahead and installed XBMC Eden and installed BlueCops repo. Hulu seems kind of flakey, I tried watching a few different episodes of Colbert Report, but it will not play past the first commercial. Family guy seems to play ok, but it is really picky one which shows I watch. Any tips to get this working a little better?

    I am using Hulu free.

    Also, if it wasn't for Hulu, I would find this device a little boring. Any other cool things I can do with it?
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    When you say "it will not play past the first commercial", what exactly is happening?

    Sometime when it goes into the comercial and it can't load them, it just keep the screen black, but then at the end of the comercial timer, the show will restart, you just have to wait, and I know sometime it seen like forever since you are just looking at a black screen, but the show it is just running.
  3. lgwells1, Apr 4, 2012
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    When the commercial is done, it exits, and then you return to the episode selection screen. Then instead of seeing the episode you just tried to watch, the name of the commercial takes its place.
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    I get the exact same thing
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    This is why you go into settings and disable commercials
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    Turn off commercials

    Go to XBMC --> Settings --> Add-ons -->Enabled Add-ons --> Hulu --> Configure and turn off the ads by reducing the intro add count from 2 to zero.

    Next, back out to the main XBMC menu and exit to the main ATV menu, then re-launch XBMC. Now, when starting a show you should get no ads and the show should start playing promptly.

    For more problems and solutions on using Hulu with XBMC on the ATV2, see this older thread: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1305573&highlight=enable+hulu+on+apple+tv&page=7
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    Does this work with Hulu plus?
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    I don't have a Hulu Plus subscription, but I've heard from others that it works fine. You just have to go to the same "Configure" screen I mentioned above, and enter your Hulu login credentials.

    Even if you don't have Hulu Plus, though, it's advisable to use a Hulu login with the XBMC plugin. That way you can set up your "subscriptions" on your computer at Hulu.com, so that when you use the plugin on the ATV, you can see a smaller list of only those programs you have pre-selected instead of having to slog through the entire Hulu library or use the text search feature.
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    Yes it works with Hulu Plus too. My wife exclusively watches Hulu on our ATV2 now because she doesn't want to deal with the commercials on the Roku.
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    I figured this out on my own, and finally got around to return to this thread, but it was too late and someone else mentioned the fix.

    Hulu without commercials is pretty much worth the jailbreak, by itself.:)
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    What Quality is it on a jailbreaked atv2 with XBMC ? also HD?
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    there is not diference, it is regular Hulu, whatever is on HD is on HD, whatever it is not it wont.
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    The HD is obviously limited to 720p, since that's what the ATV2 can stream at. Personally, it seems like it's a bit of a lower quality on my ATV2 than say, my Xbox 360 (probably because this is a stream and not a dedicated Hulu App), but not having ads, as well as having everything in my one device, makes it more than worth it.

    I'm a Hulu Plus subscriber and can tell you subscriptions work fine. XBMC didn't load it up right away, but after restarting the ATV2 everything showed up and I have my subscriptions!

    Outside of making the interface a bit prettier, I don't have any complaints about Hulu Plus on my ATV2. I did have the same problem with returning to the menu before I disabled commercials. It's weird that the service works better without them. I sure hope nobody actually enjoys commercials!


    Oh, and as for other cool things you can do with it, are you referring to the jailbroken ATV itself, or just XBMC? I primarily use my ATV jailbrake for XBMC because there's so many features. For starters, YouTube is built right in as an optional add-on, and the ESPN add-on is located in the same source as Hulu.

    But I hear Plex is a service that a lot of people actually prefer over XBMC, as long as you have a computer you can keep on at all times. You can also play emulators, which is really awesome if it works, I just haven't tried it yet: http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/EmulatorsPlugIn

    If nothing else, and if you haven't already, install nitroTV to make it easier to find things. And make google your best friend.
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    What are the chances Hulu on a jailbroken ATV2 will work in the UK? Or does it still disallow due to UK IP?
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    Can you view 'web only' Hulu content through apple tv?

    I keep running into this issue on my iPad. Seems like the shows I would use Hulu+ for tend to be 'web only'. Since I don't have a desktop or laptop, I'm screwed. I'm wondering if apple tv will get around that. I'd get it if it allowed me to play 'web only' content.
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    Good info here! Just hopped on the AT2 jailbreak :eek:
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    A little late of a reply, but with a jailbroken ATV2 you can watched "web only" content through the hulu add-on for XBMC.

    I usually use the built-in hulu plus app, but there is more content available on the XBMC hulu app, and you can turn off advertisements.

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