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Hulu Plus now available on apple tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by D-Back, Jul 31, 2012.

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    If it isnt on your apple tv home screen yet, just restart your box and it will appear
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    Well there goes the last reason to purchase a Roku. About time, Apple!
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    I still need my Roku for Amazon Prime, but Hulu Plus is a big addition!
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    Alright! Maybe this is the result of Cook's recent meetings. Hopefully we'll be seeing more content ramping up.
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    Mr. McMac

    How does Hulu Plus compare to Netflix? Are there still commercials like on regular Hulu?
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    I'm far more interested in HBOGo, but it's a move in the right direction.
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    I'm not at home so I can't test this, but do you think the icon will just "appear" on jailbroken ATVs? I've not read anything to indicate that you need to update the software to get Hulu+ to appear so am curious...
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    This is pretty cool. I think ATV is moving in the right direction...now, if only they would bring the original Hulu to ATV I would be set (I know, not going to happen). :)
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    I'm home and my question is answered... yes even jailbroken boxes get Hulu+
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    im sure this will make some people happy but i just browsed the Hulu whats being played menue and I do not see many good shows and no good movies

    mind you netflix is not great either(in canada) but atleast i have heard of many of the movies on there, the hulu list looks like a cannes film festival releases only not that there is anything wrong with independant movies
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    Is it on Apple TV2?

    Apple TV2?
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    First impressions....awesome

    Just like Netflix, in terms of UI, and PQ is great. Hulu and Netflix have the best PQ on ATV versus my Xbox 360, PS3, and our Panny TVs/BDPs.

    I'm in love all over again with ATV!

    C'mon HBO Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hulu on ATV has the same restrictions as when running on iPhone or iPad, as the networks limit some shows to be web only (Desktop + browser) and not available on mobile devices.

    Hulu never had much of a movie selection, as its focus was TV.
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    So if I subscribe to Hulu Plus on the Apple TV, will I have access to the non-plus content, such as older TV programs, on the device?
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    While I have only watched a few shows since it came out yesterday, I have noticed that you have access to both new and old content (at least what I watched). They have a free week trial, so you might try it out and see if you like it; that is what I am doing.
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    Explain to me again why HBO Go is so important to have on Apple TV? You need a cable package with an HBO subscription to use it anyway, so why don't you just watch the HBO content on ON Demand?
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    Because then we aren't paying Comcast for any cable boxes on top of our service. Plus, everything on HBO Go isn't onDemand. It's win win for us!
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    Some of us aren't getting rid of our cable TV packages anytime soon, and the HBO Go library is enormous. You typically have access to every episode from every season of a show, unlike the handful of episodes available on VOD for set periods of time.
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    Do I need to update my ATV in order for Hulu Plus to appear? I did a restart and it doesn't show up. Can anybody confirm this?

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    There is really no update firmware, it is just a pushed app, a restart should do it if you are running latest firmware and you are in the US (5.1.1) 100% confirmed
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    Got it! :)
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    This is so true and why we really need an App Store for the AppleTV. Other examples are MAX Go and Showtime. Both are similar to HBO Go. Really any streaming App on the iPad should be available on the Apple TV if the Content Provider would allow it. FIOS TV has already announced support for other STB's like the XBOX for later this year. In my house I have several ATV's and 1 Roku and 3 WD TV Live boxes to be able to get content to other rooms without the need for the tradition pay per month STB and also to be able to get the other streaming services like (Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime, HBO, MAX, SHOWTIME and more). And they are very small boxes. I wanted to use ATV for everything but gave up on Apple. I tried Roku but they have everything I need but a Slingbox App so I finally got the WD Live TV Box because of the Slingbox App. I think we are in a transition that for me is taking way too long.
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    Amazon prime app is now on the ipad lol
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    Well, I don't think I will sign up for Hulu+ after my free trial ends. With Airplay mirroring on my Macs, I can just use free Hulu for what I need to watch. And I can log into those Macs with LogMeIn from my iPhone or iPad if I need to change the "channel". It is nice to have the option for Hulu+ on the ATV, though.

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