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Hurricane Irene

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OutThere, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Anybody in the northeast getting ready? Looks like NYC metro is going to take a pretty big hit. Got my flashlight batteries checked, my iPhone charged, a tank full of gas and a fridge full of beer. ;) Local news is saying we could have 10 days without power. Maybe I should get some more beer...
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    Apple OC

    definitely get more beer :D
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    Was there really not a thread on this arleady? I'm shocked. Anyway, I posted this Somewhere Else™, but here's the scoop near me:

    The court I work at here in Queens, NY has been in contact with the local authorities and so forth all day. We're being told that we'll likely be closed Monday and Tuesday.

    From all of the more official and/or authoratative chatter, we're going to get moderately pounded up here in New Jersey/New York.

    My plan is: Leaving work today at 4:30, picking up my gf in New Jersey, driving us and her son up to Pennsylvania where my mother lives. We'll have some good old fashioned family time and wait it out.

    These images show what's expected (as of right now) and where I and my gf live are not in good areas. We're both very close to the water. We'll be slightly (not not too much) better off in East Pennsylvania, but at least it'll be away from the surge and subsequent flood areas. We'll be up in the Poconos.




    Wish us and everyone up here the best. I just hope I come home to my new apartment in the condition I left it... :(

    Edit: For anyone in the effected areas, please consider these links...
    Evacuation information.

    Being better prepared.
  4. rovex, Aug 26, 2011
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    Hopefully this won't diminish any viewing time of the start of the US Open (tennis, that is) monday. :mad:
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    Being in Boston, its been several years since we were struck by a major hurricane. It looks more and more like our luck may have run out.

    I'm hoping and praying this bad boy veers to the east - out to sea, or veers west and then weakens dramatically while over land.
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    I'm on long island. I'm prepared. Got everything off the floor in our basement in case that floods. I also live near one of the shelters.

    On the bright side, if flooding gets really bad, I'll finally get to take the boat out this season.

    I have no way of knowing how well our house will hold up. I know the stuff in our garage is going to get damaged (just had central air installed a few weeks ago, had to empty our attic, and we never put the stuff back).
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    I'm making sure my iPhone, iPad, and iPod are fully charged come Sunday. Plenty of beer will be purchased tonight and tomorrow in preparation.

    Everyone stay safe.
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    I have asked my folks to stay with us, but they are pretty confident that this will be like every other hurricane (and after 23 years they could be right). I feel more worried about them than us.
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    Spoke To Fami,y

    In NYC, it looks like it's going to be a big one. Hope all ride it out okay.
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    Weather.com says it'll pass the DC area without too much damage.

    We'll most likely just get some above average winds, and rain.

    No biggie.
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    Hope you like hot beer.
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    I live in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. I've got extra food, water, radio, first aid kit, candles and after work I will be buying emergency vodka.

    Does FEMA provide emergency cocktail ice during disasters?
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    Rodimus Prime

    I think it is kind of sad how people in NYC are so panic about this. It is going to be a Cat 1 by the time it gets there. That really is not that bad.

    A Cat 1 is not considered a major storm at all. Most it will do is dump a fair amount of rain and that is it. The Media is really focusing way to much on the NYC part. NC is going to suffer more.
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    Good luck to those possibly affected.
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    Just like any other weekend in Chelsea....

    I find it amazing that clients are now saying 'what can we do in advance of the hurricane for disaster recovery?' after not giving two hoots about it before :rolleyes:
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    I agree--it may even be a tropical storm by the time it reaches the city. One thing to keep in mind though is that we are not accustomed to *any* hurricane here -- not even weak wimpy ones. The city rarely experiences them and so I expect there will be a little more damage than more seasoned people down south.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Think of it as a very strong thunderstorm. I am pretty sure you all have been threw those. That is really all it is.

    NYC will have very little damage is my guess.
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    Queen of Spades

    I have two weddings to go to this weekend - I am not even sure the Sunday one is going to go on. I feel super bad for the brides. :(

    Hopefully Boston gets nothing but windy rain.
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    Apple OC

    Hope everyone stocks up on Food, Beer, Water and Ice ... lets hope for only rain and moderate wind. ... let damage be minimal.

    Be safe folks
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    FEMA?? mickey mouse and donald duck has better response coordination.

    got all my prep work done, emergency kit, beer, beer, beer ;)
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    We've been getting the outer bands for a few hours now. Nothing too strong yet, but its still very early. Lots of rain and wind a-comin'! Be safe folks, hurricanes can be fun, but don't be stupid. They'll surprise you in a second.
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    Probably right, but my question is will our subway system flood? That would be annoying.
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    Thanks but I think I'll heed the warnings of my elected officials in this case.

    By the way, are you aware that we are expecting winds of 90 mph. We've also had almost 10 inches of rain in August and the ground is saturated. Perfect recipe for downed trees and power lines.
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    Well, 10 days is quite a long while, but perhaps dry ice might be useful? :D

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