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I <3 Adobe Products

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Xander562, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Look at this message: [​IMG]

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    HAHA! Thats hilarious! :D
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    yes, it really is. now why does it ewven need to update itself?
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    And how does it even know that theres an update for it? Doesnt the updater check for updates? :confused:
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    See what we have to look forward too on future macromedia products
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    i found that little pop up to be the highlight of my day as i couldnt stop laughing because of it.

    its like "woah man, hang on. I've got to update my updater before i can update Photoshop. "

    maybe it was a built in joke to make us laugh?
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    I seem to remember Mac OS Software Update having to update itself, too, when there was a security problem with fake sites trying to wedge their way into the update process.
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    This occurs with most other updaters as well, just we don't see the dialogue box ;)
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