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I am 14 years old. How should I apply to the iphone developer program?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by AConfer, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Over the past few weeks I begin trying to developer simple iphone apps. I finally finished a app and want to submit it to the app store. Currently I am 14 years old and you need to be 18 to apply. It's not that big of a deal to me lying about my age to get the iphone sdk. But I don't think just saying I am 18 will work for the actual iphone developer program. How should I sign up? I always could ask my dad to sign up under his name but I would prefer it be under my name. Could I sign up as a company and have my company name be my name? How should I do this?

    Thanks for any help
    -Alex Confer
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    I wouldn't go about lying about it. I would register it under your dad's name if possible.
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    Your probably right. I think thats what I am going to do. Thanks for the quick reply
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    You can't lie and get away with it, you need to fill in tax and bank information. They'll know if you're under 18. The reason you have to be 18 is because it's a contract. Just have your dad sign up.

    And even if you did it as a company, you then need to fill in company tax information, which you don't have, so you'd strike out there too. So yeah, have a parent to do it for you.
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    Only if selling the app. Free apps don't require this information. But that doesn't avoid the judgement call over whether lying in this case is right or not. To the OP, you are still young. Take this as an opportunity to learn another life lesson.
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    Well can be done, but getting a lawyer to fill out the paperwork and stay on for 4 years as a officer/legal representative would be expensive.

    If you expect a lot of money and don't mind paying someone thousands for a few days work on the front end and a couple few/hours a month.

    At least with hiring a lawyer to do it is the increased recourse you'd have with them, versus having a 18+ family member and/or friend do it who finds themselves in control of a minor's company and checkbook.
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    If you plan on making enough money (perhaps a few thousand USD), find a lawyer, form a corporation, and put the corporation ownership in a beneficial trust for you, controlled by your father until you turn 18. Then your father can apply for the developer program as an officer of the corporation. He should do this because he might well be responsible paying the taxes for your business until you reach a certain age.

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    Thanks guys for your help. I think I am just going to have my dad sign up. I don't plan on making anything near a thousand at this point. Maybe one day in future but not now. I will be signing up latter today hopefully it won't take to long to get accepted.
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    There was something about having to be 18?


    When do you have to say something about that? I've already signed up as an ADC member and downloaded the iPhone SDK... I don't recall it ever asking anything about my age...
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    When you sign up for the paid developer program.
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    Shush, all that to have an app that could be done with HTML.
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    Another question here. I didn't submit yet an app but is it possible to submit under any developer name I want?
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    No, it will be submitted under the name you used when you signed up for the iPhone Developer Program.

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