I am a current AT&T customer, and I want iPhone 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iSkier, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Okay, I have been with AT&T for a few months now, and have 4 phones on the family plan. I have wanted an iPhone for a long time, but wanted to wait until the new one. I know the price dropped to $199, but I really want to understand why it's going to cost me more to "upgrade" to iPhone 3G. Even Steve Jobs said $199 would be the maximum price. The plans at $30 a month are outrageous!

    Let me know,

    P.S: I have unlimited messaging (Text) will it carry over to the iPhone?

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    It's going to cost you more over the length of the contract, due to the data rate increase and text messaging charge, text messages are no longer included, $5 gets you 200, $15 gets you 1500 and $20 gets you unlimited texting...
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    Your unlimited family texting will carry over.

    The $30 data charge is not outrageous, and is actually cheaper than a lot of similar plans. I don't know of any that are cheaper than it.
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    Things are still unclear but Steve's comment of not paying over 199 is already proven to be bogus since Vodafone in Italy is charging far more for uncommitted price.

    $30 data plan is for all Smart phones including iPhones. We just had the privilege of paying $20 for the previous version.
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    Oh I see thanks, how much do you think the iphone will be then, I have just a normal subsidized phone/
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    I pay 19.99 for unlimited sidekick data, im, text, and email. :)

    But obviously, theres a lot of downsides from this compared to the iPhone. However, Think about it, at $10 bucks more a month, after a 2 year contract, you're pretty much paying only a little bit more then the current EDGE phones.

    $200 iPhone + $720 Data plan at $30 a month = $920 after 2 years (3G)
    $400 iPhone + $480 Data plan at $20 a month = $880 after 2 years (Current EDGE)

    Your Texting plan works. It'll just cost you $20? a month for it or something like that. Whatever AT&T has
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    If it's the Family Plan texting, yes, it should.. if it's something you're paying for on your individual line the price may be bumped up to reflect the $20.. not sure what the previous charges for unlimited texting were..
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    It will be $199 for the initial purchase, and then add $30 onto your current monthly bill for data.
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    Right now, it's 199 or 299...

    Depending on what kind of phone you have now and how far into your contract you are, you'll hear a few different responses..

    Some say, for non G1 IPhones subs, if you want to upgrade, there's an upgrade charge, some say they won't sell you the IPhone if you're not upgrade eligible, there's a bunch of conflicting reports.. I'd recommend calling AT&T and speak with someone...
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    $30 is not outrageous. Every other PDA/Smartphone and BlackBerry on At&t has a $30 data plan. I don't see why it's alright for them to be $30 a month, but outrageous for the iPhone to be the SAME...
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    Yep,^^^I've got (3) iPhones & (1) BB, and the BB has a $30 monthly data plan fee, so the bump of the 3G will only come into play with one 3G iPhone, (at least until the others on my Family Plan see the new features). We are presently at 1400 shared minutes, unlimited Family text msg plan, yada, yada, yada...I just found out that I qualify for the "subsidized 3G iPhone" since my 2-year contract is up in 14 days! I didn't renew my contract when I purchased my iPhone, and I haven't had an upgrade since June 2006. If you're not certain about your eligibility, check with AT&T, b/c the rep said they would not be allowing customers to leave the store w/o registering/activating their iPhone at the Apple Store or AT&T Store via iTunes. There is also an activation fee at about $18. :eek:
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    Exactly! I believe the $20 plan was to get users on board so that the iPhone didn't flop. Now that it has been a success, they bring it back on par in terms of the other smartphone plans and drop the price of the hardware itself.

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