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I am Pissed!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by vouder17, Apr 1, 2007.

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    I just bought a new apple TV, and was happy with it until i went to cnet, and saw this
    I cant return the apple TV since my kids love it, and my wife is threatening to leave me, blaming me for this problem since i didn't do any research. But i did do research, cos i know how my wife gets, but no one here said anything about an Apple TiVO partnership.
    I feel helpless, why do apple do these things, WHY!!!!!!!

    No feeling vary luxurious anymore, having only the second best out there.
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    April Fools.
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    No offence, but I think your wife needs to lighten up.
    BV is right.
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    If they don't have TiVo in the UK, will they partner with sky, or will we just not get it?
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    Well my wife is normally quite normal, its just when she is a figment of my imagination, then she gets really really annoying.
    I thought I had made it obvious enough that i was pulling an April Fools, but hey, will just make it a bit more ludicrous next time.
    /pulls out paper and pen for ideas and starts waiting for next year.

    :p :p :p :p :p
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    But will it let me play Youtube and divix encoded video on my TV otherwise I'm not buying it.
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    Yeah, some people are like that...

    I tried to play along
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    Thanks for the effort, always appreciated. Now I have to see how many people fall for it, even with the explanation written there. Human kind never seizes to amaze me.
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    I am falling for it!
    I am falling for it!
    I am falling for it, I can't help it.
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    LOL never believe anything you read on April 1.

    You're very smart :p.

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