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I AM REALLY SCREWED - URGENT Please Help - No Warranty

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by phantastic91, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. phantastic91, Nov 30, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010

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    I accidently deleted the system fonts using ifile and now my iphone doesnt boot up! it just freezes at the apple logo. I cant even restore it, comes up with error.

    However, it still syncs my apps since when i go on itunes it says its copying my apps and backing up and syncing etc ..

    I don't have warranty on my phone because its been changed to white...

    i don't even know if apple will fix it for me since it is white, and even if they do they will probably find out its jailbroken.

    What do apple do if they see a jailbroken iphone?

    i was thinking i could access the files through my computer and put the fonts back in but i need ifile open dont i?

    edit: solution is below
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    Just restore it through iTunes.
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    it comes up with an error when i try :(
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    You done goofed. I'm sure there is a fix, but this is why I keep most of my jailbreaking to cydia. winterboard and sparse use of ifle, diskaid, etc.
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    Apple OC

    Go to an aftermarket repair center ... I doubt it is a big ordeal to get it back to working ... or that costly. :cool:
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    i just need an iphone browser that lets me change the files like ifile does but through the USB lead cable ... if i take it to a market repair shop im sure they will just do exactly what im trying to do
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    DFU to latest firmware.
    Restore down to 4.1 or whatever firmware you used to jailbreak.

    If you require an unlock, then you're screwed.
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    I am so relieved ... i have just managed to fix it ... downloaded an iphone browser called diskaid and when i plug my iphone in it lets me change the root files ... i just put back in what i accidently deleted and it came back on straight away! phew...
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    I did the exact same thing this morning :p
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    frozen -apple on the screen

    I have a similar problem. I bough an unlocked and jailbroken new iphone from craigslist and today my battery completely died and while I was charging it I realized that it is frozen as well with the apple on the screen.
    I've never had an iphone before. Don't know how to use itunes or anything else to fix it.
    Can you please tell me what website I can use to try to fix the problem. Some directions (for a blondy) would also be really appreciated.
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    frozen apple screen

    So my phone responds to itunes, but I get a message on itunes screen that it would restore it to factory settings.
    Are there any other methods?

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