i am so certain that appletv will be updated at MW that i'll.....

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nlivo, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I am so certain that the appletv will be updated at macworld in steve jobs' keynote that if this not be the case I will not come on macrumor's for a week after the keynote. That's a promise. This will be very hard for me to do because it's holidays and I get very bored very quickly. When introducing the new iMac back in August steve Jobs said the appletv will be seeing an update soon. we are way past soon. Man, I'm looking forward to some new features on my appletv in a couple of days. Anyone else as confident as myself that the appletv will be getting an update???
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    The better question is if anyone will notice if you come back or not.
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    See ya.
    No really, I guess people (not me) would notice you were gone but not visiting MR for a week hardly seems like an acceptable gambling tool. Is it really that hard for you to stay away for 7 days?
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    Oh, I know my absence will go unnoticed but I will still find it very hard not to come on. Especially seeing as its holidays. I come on here a lot. Its a very good time waister.
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    I have to agree with you about the Apple TV...Jobs mentioned it, and it is long overdue. Also, all of this news about the iTunes rentals and the release of the mobile iTunes store on the iphone and the Touch point to one being on the Apple TV...I hope that is not all it gets though...

    I am looking for correct Video Playlist Support, More Screen Savers, HD Content with the Apple TV being able to Decode AAC 5.1 to AC-3, Chapter Marker Selection Menu's to name a few things...

    As for hardware... I would like a dvd player built in, but it is not necessary.
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    i am so certain that appletv will be updated at MW that i'll.....

    enjoy all the people bitchin' about how their rev1 Apple TV is now useless :eek:

    I expect some sort of upgrade. I really hope for only a software update (movie rentals), because of my propensity to buy new apple toys...;)
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    That's no fun. Do something fun.

    I remember one guy saying "I'm so certain that the new iMac will not use Conroe that if it does I will eat a sock."

    Do something like that. If you're wrong, then you post a picture of yourself with a sock in your mouth and we all smile, point, and laugh.
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    I'm hoping for a software update, and looking forward to finding out how the rentals will work. I get a lot of use out of my :apple:TV right now, and would get a lot more being able to rent movies through it.
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    If you'd like to guarantee that you don't, we could put you in time-out.

    But I don't think you need to leave if nothing's announced. Feel free to retract your promise. :)
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    NO!!! DON'T PUT ME IN TIME-OUT!!!!! Um, eh, it's just that for emergency reasons and um, eh, yeah, emergency reasons.
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    There won't be a AppleTV hardware upgrade at macworld, just an update (v1.2) with rentals.
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    That is my concern because rentals really has nothing to do with the Apple TV at all...it's about iTunes really...the most it requires will be iTunes on the Apple TV, which could lead to no real new features for the Apple TV at all...I hope Apple has more than that planned for it...

    It doesn't have to be hardware since the current is fine, but it needs many more software features.
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    All I'm asking for is a software update to add support for 4:3 TVs... :(
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    Well they could put iTunes Movie Rental store on the Apple TV. This way you can order your movie from the comfort of your living room.
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    I expect an Apple TV announcement too, and I plan to be one of those complainers. How dare Apple improve their product when I already bought one! :mad:

    Of course, if they fail to improve it, then I'll complain that I'm stuck with an obsolete end-of-life'd product. :mad:
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    The rev1 Apple TV will still do movie rentals with an update.What it wont do is play a Blue-Ray DVD ;)

    That will never happen.It's all about HD widescreen now days.
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    LOL. I love posts like this.
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    Not if they follow the iPod historical model, new hardware gets new features...Unless I can play video on my iPod Photo and didn't know it. ;)
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    4:3? Do they even make those anymore? I havn't seen one in the wild for a couple of years............museum peice, maybe.:D
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    it will work on a HD 4:3 TV. My parents have a 1080i tube 4:3 HDTV and it works on their via component cables.
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    I really want to have the ability to download and view podcasts on the :apple:TV, or access anything else in the iTMS for that matter, with a nice interface for the store. I mean, they put the iTMS on the iPhone, why not on the :apple:TV?
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    Haha good one. :p But hey forget taking a leave of absence how about you put down some money OP :)
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    Well I'm not going to put down money. How about, If nothing happens with the appletv I'll eat the whole front page of a newspaper??? One of the bigger sized newspapers???
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    Perhaps someone should tell Apple ;)
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    You make a good point, I do expect a software update for existing owners, but I also expect a hardware update too. Bigger standard HDD, newer graphics chip (the existing AppleTV uses the Go 7300, and that's what the Mac Pro used when the AppleTV was released, so I expect the graphics will be changed).

    As for Blu-ray, that sounds like a good idea from Apple's point of view, especially seeing as it looks like it's going to be the winner and with the AppleTV supporting it too, I wouldn't see why not. However... wouldn't that push the price of the AppleTV up astronomically. DVD is cheap, Blu-ray is not.

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