I became a huge iCab fan

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mabaker, Dec 1, 2012.

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    iCab entered not so long ago the 5.0 version and it's still available on PowerPC and it's still being supported.

    I was awestruck when I tried the new version on my PowerBook and it literally flies! Extremely fast opening times and its WebKit engine is of course as fast as Safari's but with many many many more configurability options. :D

    This browser is a treat for any PowerBook and PowerMac out there!
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    iCab is a nice little browser. This version is way better than previous ones, one worth paying the shareware fee for, especially if Alexander also continues to support PPC! iCab supported OS 9 till 2008, supported Panther till June (though you can still download the older version for Panther and Tiger) 2012.

    Remember to that as a webkit browser you can install greasekit and then you have viewtube and then you have 360p youtube in the browser with Quicktime and no flash. You have to add icab to the authorized apps list, which you can do in Safari under the greasekit drop down.
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    Having a test drive now, and so far it holds. Quick and stable.
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    I love iCab :). I run it on my 366 MHz Clamshell iBook and it flies.... even on Panther. The interface is great as well, switching between user agents is quick, and without JavaScript enabled it can handle most websites pretty well. I've liked Midori even better, but there's no Mac OS X port.
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    delete wrong forum post sorry!
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    I would give

    my left testicle for a PPC mac port of Midori. And luakit.
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    Yes, it's a great browser - hardly seems mentioned but as you say it flies compared with most others :)
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    Excellent indeed

    Thank you very much for this, I didn't even know it existed. Excellent browser indeed. It really worths a larger acknowledgement. Very low memory footprint (about 40-50 MB on my Powerbook). Tabs sidebar is very handy (OmniWeb style). I have installed it on all my Macs.
    The only *drawback* I could find as for now is that it isn't compatible with icloud.com. But it's not so important for me. Anyway, as others already said, it *flies*.
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    Change the User Agent to a late version of Safari.
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    Thank you, it worked :cool:
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    No problem. That's what's nice about user agents. They trick sites into thinking you are using a browser you aren't. You get the content you want served up in the browser you prefer to use and everyone's happy. :)

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