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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fjs08, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    For basic computing, nothing heavy, is there any reason to shell out the extra bucks for the now "old" Ti-Book vs the i-book.

    The on line Apple Store has the top of the line i-book at $ 1778 (was that a good year???) vs 15" Powerbook @ $ 2599.

    I will want to do wireless web stuff, basic word processing, spread sheeting, some power point, e-book etc. Again, nothing heavy.


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    My advice on laptops is always the same -- go to a place that sells them both and use both machines for 10 minutes. By then you'll know which one is right for you. I bought a 12" PB instead of an iBook because it has a far superior keyboard and I spend my entire day writing. But I couldn't have known that by just asking other people's advice, I had to see it for myself.
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    if $$$ is an issue (you know, like for most of us in the real world) and you don't foresee youself using your machine for anything super-complex in the future, i say go for the iBook.

    i use pro machines at work, where someone else gets the bill for hardware, and the other stuff at home. i'm currently on a meager 500mhz iBook that not only does word processing, spreadsheets, powerpoint, the gamut of iLife apps, etc. but also graciously provides wireless access to my PC-using roommate, runs Apache and mySQL so i can noodle with web dev stuff when i'm not at work, handles the Macromedia DX suite just fine for my needs, and as long as i'm not working on anything too hairy, is fine for Illustrator 10 and Photoshop 7.

    i do notice the speed when i'm working with large audio or video files, but if i depended on those for my income rather than just hobbying, i wouldn't have gone with the iBook.

    seriously, if this is going to be a "home computer" in the sense that you're not going to use it for professional workloads, i think you'll be happy with the iBook and with the money you'll save.
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    If i were you, I would buy the high-end 12inch iBook
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    The iBook is always a great choice for most day to day tasks. I LOVE mine.
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    For word processing, spreadsheets, internet, etc the iBook is a great choice. On those items, a Powerbook would actually be overkill. The thing is, you have to look a couple years down the road. If you decide you want to work with Photoshop, the iBook will fall on its face. Same with Final Cut or anything that uses lots of processor power. An iBook will be capable for a couple more years but if you want to keep your computer longer then consider the Powerbook. Eventually even basic tasks will require a faster processor--or at least the OS will.
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    Go for the 12" Powerbook. More value for the money. Besides, the new iBooks lack any sense of style, now that they've lost the satin metal accents.
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    Go for the iBook and save some money. It's more durable and easier to carry around. I am sure other members are sick of my telling the story but I love to tell it to people who ask this question.

    I had a TiBook for about a year and I sold it and bought an iBook because of the following reasons:

    1. The TiBook's size rocks for a desktop replacement but is a bit awkward for class, on a plane or in a coffee shop or any other time you are in a space restricted area.

    2. The TiBook is PAINTED and the paint can and did CHIP on mine.

    3. The AirPort reception on my TiBook wasn't very good. I'd say it was about 50-60% less than my iBook's

    The iBook is more portable and I think more suited to what you're doing.

    Get an iBook and Max out the RAM and get an iPod for less than you'd pay for the TiBook. Also don't over look the 12" iBook, it's really portable and lighter than the 14.

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    I have to agree 100%.

    My only problem is with your sig. How do you have a iBook with: 12" iBook G3 700 512MB RAM???
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    Thanks for all the replies. So the general concensus is that the i-book can do all the i-Things that Apple is putting out and that the G3 processor will be a viable entity. This sounds great.

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    He probably means he bought a 512 chip and now he has 640
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    I have to agree with most of the above posts. An ibook would be perfect for your purposes. You wouldn't really be taking advantage of the extras that the powerbook offers, so why pay a lot more money?
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    I'll add my 2c.

    The iBook has been a perfect portable machine, enough power to do most tasks, and well within my budget!

    Only shortcoming is the external display mirroring. I am used to running on res higher than 1024x768 on a desktop, and when I plug the iBook to my 17" monitor, I only get 1024x768, and that is my only complaint.

    Even for iMovie work the G3 is fast enough to edit, and render. A G4 will be of course faster for that sort of task.

    For general purpose computing, internet, email, word processing, etc. it is more than enough.
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    Which he specifies with another of his laptops...

    On topic:

    iBook all the way. PB is overpriced for the "upgrade" that it is supposed to be.
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    I want to know too! I posted in another thread asking him a while back.

    On the iBook v. PowerBook issue:

    It really depends on what you're going to be doing with the computer. My iBook works fine for database work, web programming, Java, word processing, web browsing, etc. If I were doing more video or audio work I'd want the PB.
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    Yet i am hopefully selling mine to get a 15"PBook.
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    I was almost swayed by the argument that you could buy the latest ibook for half the price of a PB, use it for a couple of years, then go buy the latest ibook release and be ahead of the PB both financially and possibly in terms of computing capabilities.

    However I was more swayed by the saying, buy the best you can afford. I have grown into my mega capacity PB Ti and thanks to the Apple software am doing things with a computer Id never have contemplated. Obviously an ibook offers this liberating experience too, but I cant help thinking the PB is a better long term bet being G4.

    Them that say the G4 PB is "old" make me smile. It was ahead of its time, is IMO the best looking piece of computer you could ever have on your desk or in your lap, the screen is unbelievable and even now I cant believe there are many owners out there, real or potential who could really make the G4 sweat in creative mode.

    So Id say if you can find a sucker for marketing and fashion hype, get yourself a hand me down PB and enjoy a great computer with very few limits.
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    Buy the iBook, 12" or 14". The man is just a casual user. Plus like yzedf has already said, the 12" PB isn't much of an "upgrade" when compared to the 12" iBook, especially not on the programs that you will be using, so don't get the 12" PB instead of the iBook. And even if you eventually use a more intensive application on rare occasions, do you really want to pay the extra money because you may use Photoshop on rare occasions in 1 years time? :eek:
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    >>The AirPort reception on my TiBook wasn't very good. I'd say it was about 50-60% less than my iBook's<<

    I was rereading the posts and noticed this. I do want to go wireless around the house and at the office. My wife is getting tired of lugging my 100' cable around corners so I can compute from the family room instead of my office.

    What is in the Ti-book that is the problem, and why is the i-Book better for wireless??? Am I correct is assuming that all I would need would be an Airport base and an Airport card in the i-Book???


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    The TiBook has 2 issues that hurt it with AirPort reception, one is that it is Titanium and it does not conduct the signal very well and the second is the TiBook has it's antennae in the BASE of the laptop...NOT a good place for them. A better place is around the monitor where the iBooks are. The 12 & 17 Al PB's have relocated the antennae to correct this but I have heard it's still not as good as the iBook's.

    My sig is incorrect I will fix that. The 512 was in my iMac but it's now 768 in there and 384 in the iBook..I'll fix it right away! I didn't even know anyone read them LOL!

    Get iBook, you'll love it!

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    Yes and no. You need the AirPort card in the iBook. You need a wireless router, but it doesn't have to be an Apple AirPort. AirPort is nice. It's what I have. It's easy to set up and it has a printer port, but anything from Netgear, D-Link, or LinySys will work too and probaby for less than half the price. Word of caution about LinkSys though--they don't support Macs. That doesn't mean it won't work, it just means if you had a problem they wouldn't help you.
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    My Linksys is great. I have a mixed bag of Mac, Linux, and Windows machines that all use the wireless, without a problem.




    $129 for the Linksys wireless, with 4 port switch. $199 for the basic Airport base, no 4 port switch. These are both 802.11g (compatible with 802.11b).
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    I also have a linksys. Combo WAP/Router. I use it with 2 iBooks and my iMac and my Piece of Crap (Gateway PC). It works great. Only issue I had was FTPing large files via AirPort, but that was the Linksys's fault and was easily remedied. I also bought a Signal booster for 99 bucks when I had my PowerBook. It helped in my 2 bedroom Apartment though I still could NOT get a signal outside the back door.

    I just moved to a 2800 Sq Foot house, and I took the Signal booster off the network and I get a FULL signal on my iBook 2 doors away from my house. LOL it was night and day btwn the iBook and the PowerBook's range for me.

    Also I bought my parents an AirPort Extreme Base Station when we got my mom an iBook, it was great when she was using AirPort to dial AOL (she's confined to bed alot and it was a better solution than her climbing on the floor to plug in a modem cable). However I just bought them a year of Cable Modem service and I had a BITCH of a time getting the AirPort Base Station to forget the Modem settings and pick up an IP addy from the Cable Modem, left it unplugged for a half hour and VIOLA! But I gotta be honest, at 249 USD, I'd have gone with a Linksys if I had known she was gonna go cable.

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    If you are not going to do any video related work (editing, rendering, etc) iBook is more than capable machine. From your work load description, sounds like iBook will serve you just fine.
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    I'm also thinking that judging by your work load an iBook will be a great computer for you, I highly recommend one

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