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I bought AppleCare and...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TheMonarch, May 16, 2005.

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    All I got is a little red/white box with the apple logo saying apple care. Inside it tells me all the terms/conditions and such, also a CD. But my question is... Thats it?! No serialized card or special code? Am I missing something here? Is there a special number on the box? What proof will I give if I ever have issues with my brand new 17 PB which I LOVE!!!. I bought AppleCare with my PB at an apple retail store.
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    It's been a while, but I think that you have to send in a registration card to activate it, and yes, thats it.
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    There is a serialized card you need to fill out.
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    Put in the CD (I think)

    Go to Apples website, type in the code (or the CD may have some activation)

    After Apple gets the codes, you print something out.

    If you ever have trouble, you tell Apple the serial of your *any apple hardware* and you tell them who you registered Applecare with.

    Applecare then helps you.
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    Kerry Sanders

    I went through this today with my Power Mac + Apple Cinema display combo. The first thing you have to do is register your system at http://register.apple.com. Have you have done that, you can register your AppleCare package at http://www.apple.com/support/registration

    Forgot to mention that there is a code on the card tthat is in the AppleCare package. You will need that and your serial number to register the AppleCare package.
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    The sieral is on the bottem of the box, by the barcodes, (not the UPC code), and it is also on the registration card. The CD contains utilities that Apple will have you use if you run into problems. Register online, by inserting the CD, or by going to https://register.apple.com or send in the card, or call the 800 number found on the card.

    (not to be reudundant- I missed the post above.)
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    woops... srry redundant post from above :)

    you need to enroll online or over the phone:
    1) Phone: 1800APLCARE
    or online, which is easier:

    2) http://www.apple.com/support/selfservice/agreements/
    Login in your Apple ID or create a new one
    Click the link where it will let you enroll on the web
    The Agreement Number/Serial is on the bottom of the box and on the registeration card. Make sure the number matches, and use that number to enroll the new Applecare!

    Good luck :)
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    My code was on the CD
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    Thank you for the replies. I checked the apple website, signed in, and found this
    Could it be that I got registered with applecare when I bought it at the store? I haven't submitted anything, or printed anything... I did, however, register my PB (it asked me to when I first turned it on)... So do I still need to do anything? Or am I done?

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    Kerry Sanders


    It looks like that is the case. You might want to call Apple just to make sure, but the APP item on the bottom did not appear until I had registered AppleCare on my product.

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