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i cant access the scanner on my printer through Airport extreme?

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by j2048b, Apr 22, 2009.

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    I have been trying for about an hour and it keeps saying there was an error and the scanner cannot be found.

    can you access the scanner from your mac or not?

    i keep having to plug the usb into the computer to recognize the scanner.
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    I've seen numerous posts here regarding this and no one has gotten their scanner working via Airport. Printing, yes. Scanning, no.
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    Bye Bye Baby

    Which scanner?
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    i have the hp officejet j4580 all in one

    I know for some reason hp's are a pain in the arse when dealing with the aebs!!
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    Unless HP wrote their scanner app to specifically work wirelessly, then it won't work.
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    even from my mac pro which has the aebs sitting on top of it?
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    Most all-in-ones (hp specifically) do not support the scanner remotely. I had an hp AIO hooked via USB to my wife's iMac, and while she could use the scanner just fine, I could not from my Macbook over the network. Printing, however, worked great.
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    It's not a matter of distance from the scanner, it's usually a matter that most scanner programs are expecting to see the scanner attached to your computer via USB, not WiFi. :(
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    I have a Canon 620P and it does wireless as long as the Airport is set to 802.11g or the scanner is connected to the base station via ethernet.
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    thanks guys!!

    i will have to update my printer (again)

    what about bluetooth printer? can you access them over the network to use the scanner?
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    From my experience with Bluetooth printers, it usually means that they are Bluetooth capable and require a special Bluetooth adapter (made by the manufacturer) attached to them to make them work via Bluetooth. If that condition is met, or if the printer truly has Bluetooth built in, you should be able to access it with any Bluetooth enabled computer. As far as I know, you cannot join a WiFi network via Bluetooth as the technologies are not the same (unless there are Bluetooth routers/access points that I'm not aware of). You can however connect a Bluetooth printer to a networked attached computer and share it over the network that way, but the host computer needs to remain online at all times.

    Second, as was mentioned before, any functions other than printing for multi-function printers attached to the TC/AEBS/AEX via USB are not supported. You need to connect a network MFP to your base station, either with an ethernet cable or via WiFi, for you to use the scanning function. Or you can connect the printer via USB to a host computer and share it on your network (again, the host computer needs to remain on).
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    I do believe that refers to USB printer sharing only.
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    I understand that but I believe Olly was trying to say you can't use a scanner which isn't correct. I do it all the time.
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    Ah I see. I thought you were referring to the article that OllyW linked. Since I'm not OllyW, I can't be sure what he meant :p

    I use scanning on my TC's network too using my WiFi MFP (Brother MFC-490CW) so I can vouch that it works as well. I've even been able to use a USB MFP wirelessly to scan, but that required purchasing a separate USB to Ethernet Print Server (XyZel NPS-520).
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    I have a HP 6310 all-in-one and I can use the scanning function from both of our iMACs. The printer is connected via Ethernet on my switch as are the Macs. I know this isn't what you are asking.

    However, I am hoping when I go with a TC, if I can't connect it to the USB and access the scanner (which they say is only for printing) I can still do it over a network connection, like we do now.
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    My Epson PX700W All In One WiFi Printer/Scanner/Copier works perfectly in all modes, connected wirelessly to my iMac and MacBook via my AEBSn. Certainly on this model it is simply a question of entering the IP address in the appropriate place, as it does not show up automatically.
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    What do you mean by the ip address? I guess it can be wireless so it gets its own ip address?

    Mine is through everything using bonjour i guess?

    is that an ok way to do my printer through the AEBSn? or is there a better way?
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    so the Canon 620p does everything wirelessly and through the usb port on the AESBn?

    I have mine set to run n and compatible with b/g, so it might work with mine?

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    In the Epson example, there is a Utility called Epson Scanner Settings, where you have to find the IP address (the machine displays it under "Wireless Settings") and enter it manually, otherwise it searches endlessly and fruitlessly and fails to connect. You only have to connect the Ethernet cable briefly while setting up the printer. but setting up the scanner is a separate operation which can be done wirelessly.
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    I currently run my aio through my AEBS, and with bonjour it works from all computers, so maybe i will just leave it as is until i can get a wifi all in one?
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    Not necessarily - although that might be the neatest solution. I have an Edimax 1206mf print server that allows wireless printing and scanning to/from an Epson RX560 - works from imac, macbook and a Vista laptop.
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