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I can't buy music in iTunes, need some help.

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by cr2sh, Jun 6, 2004.

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    Running 10.3.4 on a 1GHz / 1GB 17" Powerbook, iTunes version v4.5 (31)... when I try to purchase music (any music) in the iTunes Music Store I get an "Unknown Error 11503." Check out the screen grab below..

    I've downloaded the iTunes installer a number of times, ran it... I always get the same error. Am I missing something?

    Has anyone had a similar problem or can anyone recommend a solution?

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    I did a web search, but didn't find any answers to your question. The most helpful comment was found here. So it seems that you should contact Apple.
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    I've gotten this message before, I just quit and tried again later and it worked fine.
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    Problem solved. Thanks.

    The error has to do with my AOL account. I used my AOL id to login to iTunes originally, it was the basis for my account, I had all but forgotten this. I recently dropped the AOL account.. which apparently negates my iTunes account of similar name.

    I just created a new account... works fine.

    The interesting thing is, I couldn't even download the "Free Song of the week."

    Oh well... that's a lot better!
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    I have a question. What happens to music that you've bought under your AOL id? Can you authorize your iTunes with your old account simultaneously with your new account?

    Am I missing something?
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    The songs that I purchased under that account seem to work fine... my guess is that when my AOL account was deactivated - the link between my credit card (through AOL) to Apple's wallet, also was. I don't know really, that's just a guess... but after logging out and creating a new account it works fine.

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