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i considered a used Powerbook vs. new pc notebook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NIPRING, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Of course i went for the Mac. Last week on this forum i bought my first Apple laptop(not my first apple mind you),$700 shipped for a last revision 15" G4 Powerbook 1.67, 2gb ram, DL superdrive, 80gb hdd, and extra brand new battery. Today i was walking through Sams and i happened past the pc notebooks. For $699 i could have gotten a brand new Toshiba 1.9 AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor, 2gb ram, 180gb hdd, built in web-cam, vista, ect. It made me stop and wonder if maybe i bought the used Apple because i've been blinded by the "Apple Magic Show". I mean come on, Apple is good at making people want stuff.

    After a few years of windows and countless blue screens of death it was time to try something else. Five years ago when i bought my first mac, i was hooked. I have a habit of backing the underdog and then praising it to anyone who might listen. Guys mention computers and i spin it into how much they would like osx and apple in general. At work i've convinced countless guys they would love an ipod. Sure ipod is a household word now, but 5 years ago, it was a different story And since i'm a carpenter, bringing technology to construction workers is no easy task :D.

    I hope its my experiences with things like: less than 5 forced shut downs in the last five years, intuitive intefaces, slick designs, and consistant updates that pushed me toward a used mac over a new pc.

    Just thought i'd share that.

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    Tallest Skil

    Walking through Sam's, eh? Okay, go back when there are a lot of people at the computer section. Or better yet, go into any Best Buy. Okay, you there? Good. Now, go to ANY Windows computer. ANY of them; they'll all be running Vista. Now, press and hold the Windows logo key and E for around 10-15 seconds. The computer will crash without fail. Do this to all of them. Get it on video. Post it here. As people wander around looking for a working computer, raise your voice slightly and say, "Ladies and gentlemen, We Apologize For The Inconvenience, but (42) we seem to be having technical difficulties with our computers. You see, we were shipped Windows Vista by mistake when we ordered an operating system that was past the Alpha stage of development. (and if your Best Buy has an Apple section) Now, if I could direct your attention to these computers, which will never crash regardless of how many keys you hold down at once. Thank you for your time."
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    I'm not really a Mac fanatic or anything, so I can actually give you a view on this:

    Why did you buy a 2 year old used laptop?! The only reason to do that really is if that is all you can afford. If you can't buy a new Apple laptop, go for a PC. Sure, it's not as 'cool' as a Mac, but that computer will be way farther along in specs. Theres only so far you can go for Macs man.

    edit: Posted before I read the whole thing. PC really isn't as bad as most people make it on this forum. Sure Vista has it's flaws, but no operating system out there today is that bad.
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    The other day i was in best buy that now has a nice big upfront Apple display. I had to laugh, a few years ago when they had nothing apple, i asked one the "geek squad" why there was no apple computers in here, his reply, " Cause no one is interested in apple computers, they just dont sell". My my, how times have changed :rolleyes:.


    11blue, that was as much as i could afford. Plus, i figured for my first laptop i didnt want to learn something new (vista). I know osx inside and out.
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    Perhaps he wasn't looking to buy for the specs, but rather for the usability. Mac OS X is a very easy and attractive OS, and with 2 batteries (one brand new) I think he'll find his PB much more useful than a vista-crippled PC. I'm a hybrid user myself, and I consider myself fairly impartial, but when it comes right down to people just wanting to get something done quickly, I always recommend a Mac.

    And besides, I bet even a month down the road the PowerBook will knock the socks off that 699 PC in speed. PCs have a habit of slowing down at a fairly predictable rate, just with general clutter of the registry and other random junk accumulation.

    I think he made a fine choice going with the PB. The only upside of the new PC over the PB is the warranty, but with good care the PB will far outlast the PC anyways. :)
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    i just said that becasue you said you could have afforded a new PC laptop. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Um, no you did not. There's some Windows fanboyism in your post because you said and I quote, "Theres only so far you can go for Macs man."

    To the OP you made the right choice of course you know that but one thing you have to understand that just as you say that you wonder if you bought the Mac because you were blinded by the Apple magic show the same goes for everyone who thinks you can get a great Windows notebook for cheap.
    Trust me dude, you have to spend at least $1000 for a great PC notebook that's why they come in several flavors up to $3k as well. PC manufacturer's cut corners in quality as well, specs don't help a cheaply made machine last longer.
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    For $700, I'd probably have gone with this and spent the extra $100 on food and a sleeve. Different strokes for different folks. Enjoy the PB...
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    I could say there is plenty of Apple fanboyism in your post, but I would be knocked for having "Windows" fanboyism. The fact of the matter is that someone purchased a 2+ year old laptop, used, and that supposed to be better than a new anything? Is a used car that has not been inspected more dependable than a new one (with some form of a warranty)?

    And you are being extremely harsh there on PC notebooks. I've never once had a problem with one, or met much of anyone who did who didn't, in some way, damage it themselves.

    I am totally behind the whole Apple brand, I have well over $1,000 I have saved up of my own money at a McJob just for the next Macbook revision, so "windows" fanboyism fails me again.
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    Well the point of the matter is the OP bought a older Mac notebook and is happy with his purchase so your argument is not up for discussion. The OP is not asking anyone for their approval, he's saying that he's happy with what he got.
    I think the OP knew what he as doing.:p
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    I'm with ya buddy. I bought my used iBook G3 four months ago an have been more than satisfied. I was choosing between it or an entry level Compaq laptop with Vista Basic, 1.66 Ghz, 512 MB ram, and 80 gig HD. Do you how horrible my life would be if I chose the Compaq with 512MB RAM on Vista? :eek:

    Thank you :apple:!
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    My "new" Powerbook came today....its cool :D. Installing Leopard right now. I dont feel the need to be on the bleeding edge of tech to be satisfied with what i have. Its like buying a used AMG Mercedes; used: yes; ultra cool to me: hell yes! Damn it feels good to be a gangster :cool::apple:


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