I couldn't wait anymore-BOUGHT A MAC MINI

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by chemistslime, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Ok, I just couldn't wait anymore and once I saw a person sell one locally, I just had to bite, so I did. Brand new and typing from the mac mini right now! I LOVE IT!!!
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    Nice. What specs did you go for in the end? I've got mine hooked up to a 23". Good system. Could do with more RAM really with all my multitasking but works well.
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    It's just the base model with C2D 1.83, combo, 1GB ram (planning to upgrade), 80Gb HDD. That's it. The guy won it at a raffle and sold it to me for 400 cash in order to get an iphone. I know a refresh is imminent but I just couldn't resist.

    Oh, it's connected to a dell 2408WFP, the monitor has dual DVI input so I can hookup my air and this mini at the same time. Works perfect.
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    Gratz and good price too :)
    Enjoy it:apple:
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    Whoa, you have the 3.06Ghz Imac. Didn't that just come out YESTERDAY?? Or is that a typo?
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    Not a typo:)
    I bought it yesterday at 10:30am at my local Apple Store. Would buy it at 10:01am but apple representatives are slow as hell:D
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    Hha, you could have bought 7 of my minis. lol
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    The more I look at it the more I think I will get the mini for my wife.
    I was going to get her a 20" iMac but with the screen issues the Mini seems like a good alternative. I have a 22" monitor lying around and together with the Mini they would make a nice couple :)
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    The dell 2408WFP is highly rated. It has HDMI input, 2 DVI, 1 VGA, component etc.. and some others. Take a look into it if you have the money, haha, clearly you do. Someone is LOADED!!
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    Congratulations, I'm also using the same model and it works great (though I also plan on upgrading the RAM).

    If either of you ever need a mount to install your Mac mini under a desk, just do a Google search for "CinnaMount mini". I won't say anything more than that since I'm not sure if obvious sales tactics are allowed on the forums. ;)
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    Awesome. I have the same mini and I love it. That is a great deal too.
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    Congrats on the new mini! I'm still holding out for the refresh...we'll see if I can wait.
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    Ditto. Need that 4gb ram capacity. Penryn would be nice as well.
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    Congratz! Just bought the exact same mini on Monday, but from the Apple Store for $650. Awesome little machine! Im on it now, and am still stunned on how nice everything on the Mac looks.
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    Mac mini

    I bought a 1.83 core 2 duo in january.

    i'm thinking of upping the ram to 2 gigs, has anyone on here done this - does it make much difference?

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    how did we get from mac mini to iMac..?
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    It's in his signature (the 3GHz iMac)...

    back on topic...where's my mini refresh!!?!? :D
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    I upgraded my mini (1.5 solo) to 2 Gb last week since it only had 512mb and it runs much better. I also upgraded my iMac (2.4) from 1 Gb to 3 Gb and it helped a lot since I use big files and lots of programs at the same time.
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    Congrats, the mini is a great machine, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    I've been thinking of the Mac Mini, but I'd really like to use a 24" monitor. I don't think the mini would support it? or maybe it would, I'm not sure.

    Regardless, I'd definitely like the 4GB RAM, and a nice video card would help. I'm not much of a gamer, but I do a lot of photoshop/final cut stuff.

    I'll probably just get an older 24" iMac.
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    It should work perfectly with a 24"...i have a 22" hooked up to mine....i agree with the Title...i just bought mine last week and got it this past friday...1.8Ghz combo with 120Gb hard drive...stayed with 1Gb RAM for now...its plenty fast...its my first Mac and a huge upgrade to my system....i love Mac more than i could ever love windows...
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    I bought my mini for iPhone development and I am about 2 days way from completely moving from my Pentium D WinXP system to it. I do not want to "upgrade" to vista, but newer systems don't have WinXP drivers! The Mini exceeded my expectations, given that it was the low-end configuration.

    I upgraded mine to 2GB when I noticed that it was digging into swap when building my iPhone projects. Also, now that I am running WinXP in a VMFusion VM, I am thinking of bumping it to 4GB. (Only 3.3GB will be usable.) The stuff that I still need windows for seems to run best in at least 1GB of ram. (I also swapped the HD for a 7200rpm/200GB model.)

    OWC is selling a 2x2GB SoDIMM set for $90 at the moment. NewEgg is about the same.

    You can run "Activity Monitor" (Applications->Utilities) or from a terminal, run "top". Watch your memory usage when to do something that is fairly intense, then decide how much you need.
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    I'm pretty sure that as long as the inputs are right, any monitor will work with the Mac Mini. It's just the resolution you might not be able to get. In other words, you might not be able to get the 1920x1200 or whatever the top resolution is on 24" monitors. You need a certain amount of VRAM, and I don't know what the latest Minis have.

    FYI if you use Photoshop, do some checking on reviews and benchmarks. One on the MacBook vs. MacBook Pro had the MacBook performing slightly better with Photoshop, which shocked me. I also don't know that 4GB would do much better than 2GB with Photoshop or Final Cut.
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    Yeah, I picked up the MBP because I wanted something for school, but now that school is over, I really miss the all in one 24".

    I had the MBP/24" 1080p monitor setup, but it just wasn't for me. I think I'll probably just end up with the 24" iMac, and a nice Macbook once school starts back up.

    Save a little money, and hey, as long as it gets the job done! Plus, Macbooks are really nice, if only the video cards were a little nicer. :rolleyes:
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    I have kind of the same dilema going for me... my 2 and a half year old mini has been dead for several weeks. Waiting for an update before I buy a new one but where is it??

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