I decapitated my G4 iMac - pic inside

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by the_wallcrawler, Feb 27, 2006.

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    A few months ago my G4 iMac's display died. It was too expensive to fix so I just bought a 20in G5. :)

    Well I was bored this weekend so I decapitated the G4. I took it to work today and I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything is still working great. Amazingly I can even video out to 1280x1024! On my lunch I picked up a cheap 17in ViewSonic monitor and have both systems setup now.

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    mad jew

    *Bursts into tears*

    In all seriousness, well done. That's not an easy task.
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    half impressed, half sad for that beautiful mac.
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    You read my mind.
    To be honest, I kinda like the look of the half sphere iMac. Perhaps thats what the intel MacMini will look like... :rolleyes:
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    Maxwell Smart

    Heh, looks like a Mac Mini Dome :D
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    For some reason, I hear Tina Turner's voice barking: Break a deal, face the wheel!

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    Any ideas on what to do the cover the hole at the top? It doesn't look too bad as is, but it would be cool to complete the sphere.


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    While I hate to see an iMac G4 being defaced, I commend you on your innovation in salvaging it. Even though it may be a few years old, its still a Macintosh! :)
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    Very nicely done. I also agree with other poster who like the look of just the half sphere. Looks very clean.
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    I like the look of the iMac G4 even more than the G5...I always wanted one of those things. *goes to check eBay!!*
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    I think your best bet would be to try and find a piece of white plastic to keep the look the same but you may not be able to easily match the white and also my have to fabricate part of the piece in order to make it work right. Or maybe you could go with some type of chrome metal piece which wouldn't really require you to match it to anything.
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    mad jew

    Put a golf ball in the hole and then you can practice your driving too. :cool:
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    EDIT: Ooh ... mad jew is quick ...
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    mad jew

    Great minds think alike. :D
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    It's funny how much the dome chaped G4 stands out compared to Apples current design. Now, everything is strictly rectangular with rounded corners. Oh well.
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    I'd say plug it with an American flag, that would look hilarious!
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    put an apple sticker on top
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    It's funny that nobody has compared this to the G4 cube yet. I guess I beat you all to it because of my swift intellect and creative thinking skills.
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    Hehe the iBoob:p !:D
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    mad jew


    You might wanna get your girlfriend's boobs checked out... :eek:

    Just kidding, don't let her slap me...
  21. jsw
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    Nice work! Although, I must say two things:

    (1) it's sad to see the original screen on the floor, tongue lolling about, dead.

    (2) why oh why didn't you install Chicken of the VNC on the G5 and operate ol' baldie that way? No ugly black monitor then!
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    I know someone that was seriously thinking about doing this very soon -- any tips/suggestions/things to note? What did you do with the cables going to the display? Just shove them inside the base?
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    Was there something wrong with the screen? Was there any reason to do this other than "I felt like it"? :confused:
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    do you know whats wrong with the display?

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