I dropped my powerbook. Please help me.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by masterhiggins, Sep 12, 2004.

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    it fell about 4 feet to the ground and landed flat on its bottom, the corner was bent a little bit, but I was able to bend it back into place. It seems to work fine for the most part, but now I'm still getting problems. The lid closes fine (latches perfectly), but sometimes the powerbook doesn't go to sleep when I close the lid. Sometimes the pb wakes up when the lid is still closed, randomly. And it wakes up when I plug in/remove any cable such as usb or firewire to the unit (I don't know if this is normal). I have applecare and whatnot, but I'm not sure if it's even worth getting this unit repaired. It might cost me hundreds of dollars and they might not even be able to fix it. Have any of you had a similar experience? I'm not really quite certain what I even want to hear. So, I guess if someone could just drop me a line... Thanks so much.


    p.s. I'm tired, thus explaining the poorly-worded thread.
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    Sun Baked

    A problem with the latch mechanism or magnet sleep sensor. :confused:
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    Thats very normal.
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    i feel sorry for you. it always sucks dropping your prized apple product...
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    Westside guy

    This won't be helpful to the original poster, but I think this is a good argument for adding a personal items rider on your homeowners or renters insurance. I've got our two laptops and my DSLR camera covered against anything other than willful damage, and it's costing me maybe $20 a year.

    If I drop it, trip over the cord and pull it off the table, or accidentally step on it - the repairs will be covered. Think of it as peace of mind insurance. :D
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    Thanks, guys. Sadly, I had trouble sleeping at night for the first several days after dropping it (mainly because it's such a large investment for me). Something else of note. When it is NOT asleep when the lid is closed, I can make it go to sleep by applying a light to moderate tapping on the already closed latch point and it goes to sleep. Not sure if this helps...

    Again, thanks.

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    I am actuallly getting renters insurance tomorrow since my powerbook will be comming tomorrow. I am wondering what a "personal items rider" is. I know my insurance has a 100 deductable with 10,000 in computer protection. Plenty for my PB15 and my 2.3ghz PC.

    thanks. and I dont mean to hijack the thread. Really sucks that you dropped it man I feel for you, i lost a PC notebook like that, at least your comp still works.
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    Westside guy

    Your renter's insurance likely will cover your Powerbook against all the "usual" stuff - theft, fire, etc. What I'm talking about is a "rider" - that means an add-on that covers stuff your base policy doesn't - that would cover your PB against accidental damage. For example if you drop it, your computer bag falls off a bus seat while you're going to work/school, you accidentally spill coffee on the keyboard, etc.
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    i agree. insurance is a lot better warranty than applecare, which is severely overpriced with the powerbooks. i have (fortunately) never had to use my applecare warranty, but there was one accident in which my old powerbook's screen totally broke - which would not have been covered with the applecare anyway - and the insurance company gave me 1800 euros for it ;) sweet...
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    hey, unless you have some sort of insurance, there's nothing you can do. Its a big investment for everyone. Make sure you plan ahead next time.
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    insurance isn't the same thing as a warranty. we should always remember that. ;) (not sure but perhaps because you're from finland, you may have been using those two words as equals? your english is flawless otherwise, though. it's been a while since i've seen "severely" spelt correctly on a forum. :D )
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    back to the original thread. . . the waking up when you unplug USB/firewire is normal. and i do not know about the sleep sensor. i had some trouble with my old iBook and got used to just manually putting it to sleep through the apple menu every time. i still do that on my PB now, but that is because i usually use my PB while closed (with an external monitor). you can always just manually put it to sleep if the sensor is having trouble. you might be in trouble with apple care though. a friend of mine dropped her PB when she first got it, no problems developed. about a year later (about a month ago) some unrelated problem occured. she sent it in to apple care, they saw the dent on the corner (sounds similar to the problem mentioned here) and said that apple care was voided and charged $1000 minimum for a repair. i dont think shes gotten her PB back yet cause she hasnt paid it. i know you dont want to hear that, cause i know i would be completely freaked out if i dropped my PB and starting having problems.
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    While possible that doesn't add up with my experience. I sent in a fairly bashed up 12" PB (entire unit was slightly bent, major dents around the ports, one USB port damaged, DVD slot just worked...) to get a dead HDD replaced under applecare. They insisted on repairing the case damage (and me paying for it, around $500) before they'd return the unit but the HDD was done for free and my applecare still applies.
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    only in a sarcastic meaning, my friend - i totally understand the difference between the two. it's just that i have such a good insurance terms that i actually would be better covered without applecare warranty expansion - i can always make an official apple repair service make a statement that "this damage is not covered by warranty and it costs XYZ euros to repair the unit", and then i can claim that amount of money from the insurance company. but, should applecare cover the damage, i would have to have the unit repaired without the option of taking the money.

    but anyway, thanks for grading my english skills :D :D :D
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    A tip

    My sympathies.

    I'm the paranoid type. I got Applecare AND insurance.

    It's not cheap but I sleep better...

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    About how much is their insurance? Just a ballpark?
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    Hmm. Safeware will give you a free estimate on line.

    I think it depends on the age and value of your computer.

    For my new 15" PB, it cost around $300 for a year.

    Again, combined with Applecare it's pricey but their insurance fills in gaps Applecare doesn't cover like theft.

    Good luck!
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    Ouch... that's way too high. I was hoping for $20.00 per year max. It only costs $300.00 per year to insure my entire house!
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    I pay $60/year and I think it's a great deal for a $3500 computer. I'd be interested in seeing the policy on your house if you are honestly getting it for $300/year - something doesn't quite add up there, and it's more than likely included in some very small text in the policy.
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    I go through American Express (Costco). I get a 50% discount due to multiple policies (cars, etc), new house, no claims (other than auto glass), tile roof, security system, etc. It would be more like $600.00 per year. Costco also takes a nice chunk out of the cost.

    I've had other companies that were very near to that price. I'd recommend shopping around.
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    No wait

    Okay I called Safeware since I don't have my policy with me.

    It's $180 a year.

    That's for coverage on a $3000 laptop. Obviously if you apply for less, it won't be as much.

    It's not homeowner's insurance, btw. It's a separate policy from Safeware.
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    If you have renters insurance or house insurance... You may want to check with your insurance company. Mine is only $10.00 per $1000.00 on computer equipment. :)

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